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PIP Functionality

Contributor Chandresh
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Registered: ‎07-23-2009
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I have read various postings related to PIP functionality, or lack thereof.


Without going into all those discussions - whether motorola supports it or not, how others (Dish) has it, etc., all I want to do is use this thread as a way of allowing all those interested to let Verizon know that we want this feature. 


How they do it is not my problem. I am the consumer, Verizon wants to hear from us, let us tell them.



Moderator Emeritus Moderator Emeritus
Moderator Emeritus
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Thanks for bringing this item to the forum. I will pass your request along.
Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Yep, I want it too. It is great for sporting events. Just last night I was telling my wife that it was too bad that we couldn't have the Mariners game on (for me) with the Yankees game in the PIP window (for her). One of the few times that I've missed Dish...
Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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I also would love to have a way for PIP to work via the Verizon STB.  I would think that it would require either a 3rd Tuner or only work when the DVR was not recording.


I found a way to get my PIP to work on my TV, but not with the Verizon Remote.  It requires a 2nd Verizon STB.


I have an older ReplayTV connected to a Verizon Digital Adapter.  The ReplayTV provides me with guide data and I control the Digital Converter with an IR Blaster. I feed the signal into the ReplayTV with RCA Composite Jacks and I use the Coax Output to feed the back of my TV.


When I want PIP or want to watch a 3rd channel while recording from 2 others on my Verizon DVR I turn on the Replay TV and change to the desired channel.  I can either watch the Coax Input on Channel 3 on my TV or use it as 1 of the sources for my PIP.  It is SD but its better than nothing.

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Contributor SnoGryphon
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It's 2009.

Our family has a new Digital HD WideScreen LCD.

Our new Verizon Motorola DVR can record 2 channels at the same time (love that!), but can't show live picture in picture?  What?  I'm speechless, and not in a good way.

Come on, Verizon; get with it!

Contributor ruytio
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Verizon FIOS has to get their game on...PIP is a basic functionality even in the cheapest of Cable's functions....and I just switched from Time Warner.  I am surprised and appalled.

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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What's the status on this??? I have the PIP button on my fios remote and pressing it won't do anything lol.....so I guess it is still in progress?

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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@woyala wrote:

What's the status on this??? I have the PIP button on my fios remote and pressing it won't do anything lol.....so I guess it is still in progress?

PIP will never come to existing boxes since the QIP7216 hardware can't support it.  To support PIP, the box must be able to decode two channels at once, and that's not something the Motorola boxes can do.

We could see PIP capability on a new box from Verizon early next year.  Until then, you can record the two programs you want to watch and switch between the recordings.


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Copper Contributor KJLM
Copper Contributor
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I’m a sports fan and I’d love to see PIP - I really don’t understand why we don’t have it being that the Moto DVR has 2 tuners. You should be able to window one and switch between them. All the other guys have this feature even Bright House (who I originally came from).

Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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Like KenAF said, the Motorola STB's currently used by Verizon are physically incapable of doing PIP. Therefore it will NEVER be available with the boxes that are out.


Now Verizon has said that they are going to roll out new STB's by Cisco hopefully around the first of the year. Now they haven't said what models they are going to use but there is speculation that they are going to use the 8xxxx series Cisco boxes. IF these are the models and IF it is similar to the 8650 DVR by Cisco, then according to the specs, these will have PIP capability.


Here is a link to the pdf data sheet for the 8650 Cisco box. Again this is dependent on whether or not this is actually the series that Verizon is going to use. But at least this gives us a little hope.




And a link to similar models




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