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Philips HDTV HDMI issues

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Philips HDTV HDMI issues

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6 weeks ago I bought a new Philips 47" HDTV w/hdmi and have had nothing but problems with my Fios STB and pic quality ever since! There are several issues!!! I've contacted customer service at least 6 times, I've had 3 techs out, replaced the box, all cables, the ONT and even exchanged my HDTV back to Sams club for a different one.


My issues are:

  • Box freezes up from time to time and remote wont work unless I power of the TV off and on
  • on occasion I get the "currently unavailable" screen and have to power the box off and back on
  • The picture has black and white horizontal lines that appear around the characters of the show while in motion
  • Movie or tv show freezes or pauses while viewing
  • Occasionally the pic will have be pixelated


I am VERY annoyed with Fios right now! I've heard there are some HDMI compatibility issues with certain brand of HDTVs but I can't believe no one from VZ has mentioned this!!! I read it on a Google search!!!


If anyone has any suggestions I'd like to hear them!!!

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Bronze Contributor II
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Re: Philips HDTV HDMI issues

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The HDMI issue is just a problem within itself, HDMI. 


As far as the issues you mentioned, the currently unavailable error, if it is the software error you are experiencing it is being fixed with the new update to IMG.


Next time when the box freezes, try to see if you can change anything with the buttons on the box (ie channel up/down).  Some people, especially if they have Plasmas, have problems with interference from their TVs and it can disrupt the remote.


To the other issues, I have yet to experience anything like you have described except pixelating which I fixed myself with a new splitter.

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Re: Philips HDTV HDMI issues

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My problem is setting the DVR to record sports. As most sports go longer than the scheduled time, the end of  the games is alwys cut off. I have increased end time by 2 hrs, but just last night I did not get the end of the UCLA VCR game. The only way I can be sure is to use the manual setting. When I do that the name of the program does not appear. I am going back to Time Warner as soon as my contract is up. I have even started to use my old VCR recorder on a different TV to make sure. I also missed the 6th OT in the Syracuse Conn game. Lucky I had the VCR running.
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Re: Philips HDTV HDMI issues

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I'm having a similar problem with a sharp LCD tv (see my post: intermittent signal interruptions..). I hope VZ would notify customers of these issues and provide a fix pronto. Otherwise, what's the point? better to go back to comcast
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Re: Philips HDTV HDMI issues

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This is absolutely ridiculous!!!! My service gets worst by the day!!! Now EVERY other channel I turn to comes up "currently unavailable" ... I REFUSE to sit here and unplug my box every few hours!!!! A VZ field tech told me the 1.6.2 update was going to be March 17th. Well, I checked today and I still have 1.6.0 .. I finally got a VZ supervisor who told me it's going to be at least 2 more months before any updates.



AND I noticed that my user name "ecc444" was locked out of this forum, I had to create a new account. **bleep**?!


VZ Fios HDTV is one of the worst decisions I've made!!!  {please keep it relevant}

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