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Phony "deals" offered!

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Phony "deals" offered!

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What is the deal with these customer service reps?  I called last week to order a new HD box and was offered a "free promo" three-month subscription to my choice of either (a) HBO and Cinemax or (b) the "movie package" to include all the Encore, Starz, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Sundance, IFC, and Epix channels.  I chose package B which the rep agreed was the better package because of all the channels and assured me repeatedly that it was totally free for 3 months.  I even asked how much it would be once it was over and what happened after my three months - if I had to cancel or if it would automatically do so.  He gave me all the info.  That night, I only had Epix and that was it.  I waited a day or two and called to get help with activating the new HD box that had come (which took 3 people and 30 minutes on the phone to do) and then waited another 45 minutes to deal with about 4 different people in regard to my "free promo" which I was told did not exist and the only thing offered to me was my choice of The Movie Channel or Epix and I had chosen Epix.  They claimed there was no "deal" in existence that would give me that many channels for free.  I asked to talk to a supervisor and was told there would be a two-hour wait to do so.  The rep was not in the least bit apologetic and her attitude was like, So What?  This comes after six months ago when my contract expired and I asked for a new contract price.  I was told I'd get their premier channel lineup and medium internet speed for a good price and when the bill came it was $70 more per month.  I called then and was told there is no package combining those two options and I must have been confused.  I went through 4 different people then and finally decreased my services to what I could afford - which was nowhere near the "deal" they had offered.  No one seems to care and the consensus is that it's my mistake and I got the info mixed up.  I want to know who the heck is offering these random deals and what is the purpose??????  These people are driving me crazy and I am ready to head on back to Comcast.  I've had enough!!

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Re: Phony "deals" offered!

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Hi dinamedd. I'm sorry for the trouble you're having. If you're still in need of assistance please provide your info using the following link.




Please reply when done. ShawnG

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