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Picture cutting in and out

Picture cutting in and out

Contributor TimPDXOR
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I have seen this subject several times in this forum but have yet to see a solution. I have had this problem when using HDMI and Component Cable.  If not, then it has to be the STB. I have an HD-DVR STB and two regular STB. The HD-DVR is the box giving me this problem.


Is ir possible that shielding could play a role in this?

Copper Contributor radradryan
Copper Contributor
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i have the same problem.  it's super annoying.  I don't know if I just need to buy a better quality hdmi cable or what.  the fact that it is an intermitent problem makes me think that it is a verizon signal problem and not a cable or shielding problem.  all i know is that I'm not very impressed with my fios service lately.
Contributor krier32
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I too am experiencing this problem.  I have a Motorola HD DVR hooked to a Samsung via HDMI cable.  It started a couple weeks ago.  At first I thought is was something when switching between HD and STD channels, but now it does it on it's own.  It mainly seems to be on HD channels.  I've tried resetting the box by unplugging it, but this has done nothing.
Contributor Basenjifan
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Just got FIOS TV w/ HD 2 days ago.  Been thru 2 DVR's & had 4 HDMI to snow only already.  Don't lose sound.  S-video works OK.  Not using Component.  Seems to be HD only.  FIOS has questioned my TV & HDMI cable; can't be -- they work fine on my other HDMI sources.

Has to be FIOS!  Nail in coffin is pic restored by cycling DVR power.


Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Not enough details to make a totally informed reply, but several things you can look at....



Is this on a Samsung TV.....If so, Samsung and Motorola STB's do not play well with one another when using HDMI.   Switch to compenent cables and it will fix THIS issue


Not Samsung --  Does it happen on all channels, just HD, just switching from HD to SD?  all can make for different problems


Does it happen on both component and HDMI cables?  This could be a signaling issue. check the signal level on the channels that are having an issue. (If you need I can provide instructions for how to do this)


Check with your neighbors.  Do they have the same issue. If yes, likely to be on the verizon broadcast end. If not, then likely something local to your house.


Could be cabling...and since it sounds like you are getting digital problems. Digital problems would be isolated to  Verizon signal, ONT, Coax from ONT to STB, STB, or HDMI cables.  Component cables would not have this issue, so if you have component cables and having same issue, then the problem is between verizon and the STB.

Contributor Basenjifan
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Registered: ‎05-08-2009
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I didn't say the picture cuts in & out.  It goes to B&W snow & stays that way until TV power recycle -- not STB pwr cycle as I 1st thought because pic fine w/ other HDMI to DVI sources.  Installer set remote STB pwr to control both but I set STB pwr for STB only & TV pwr for TV a few hrs ago & waited until snow.  Sure enough. 

Not Samsung -- Sony KV36HS510 CRT w/ DVI .

Seems to be both SD &HD any chan. 

I've heard component results in poorer pic quality but will try.

My guess is that the 72161 DVR stops or starts doing something w/ the digital handshaking.

Copper Contributor michelliot
Copper Contributor
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I would also like to contribute some info regarding this problem.  Starting yesterday 5/9/09 around 7:00 new york city time, my TV picture and sound would arbitrarily cut off for around 1 full second in no particular pattern.  Sometimes it would occur after 15 seconds sometimes after a minute or two but it wound be constant for about a full second of no sound or picture.  It would happen on live tv as well as recorded material but it would not be recorded on the DVR.  This led me to believe it might be the TV but it's been on now for hours with a DVD playing and nothing has occured.


I don't think its the wiring as others have suggested because its been fine for months without occurance.  Why would this issue arise for everyone the same time?  I too have a 7216 DVR incase some recent upgrade might be the problem.  I, for one, choose to wait a day or two to see verizon address this problem.  Otherwise, a call or ten might be in order.



Copper Contributor wessock
Copper Contributor
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It's a firmware issue with the Fios boxes. Many people with all makes and models are having the same issue. There is nothing to do but sit and wait for verizon to fix it and send out new firmware,


For anybody with a Samsung, the issue mentioned earlier in the thread is an old issue that I'm pretty sure was fixed a long time ago.

Contributor Fender1114
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I also have had this issue for a while now. I have a Samsung (LN52A650), but it seems to be happening to all different makes and models of newer TVs. I'm watching an HD channel, and the picture and audio will suddenly go out for asecond or 2, then come back. There is no pattern to it, but it's very annoying (and like the others, obnly happens when watching cable -- not DVD, BluRay, XBOX or anything else.


This HAS to be a FIOS issue, and if we do in fact have to wait for a firmware update, the question is -- is Verizon even aware of this issue? And if so, are they working on firmware to fix this?

Gold Contributor III
Gold Contributor III
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Try to change the video settings to 720p. There is a issue with the 1080i settings with the new STB firmware. This can happen on any TV, with any type of connection.
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