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Picture cutting in and out

Picture cutting in and out

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Guys with the Tivos and/or longer drop outs, freezing, artifacting, etc. You're having a different problems that sound like a signal issue to your boxes. The problem we're talking about is a firmware issue that causes the motorola DVR boxes to not freeze or artifact the picture, but send no signal (blank screen and no sound with the tv saying "no signal") for 1-2 seconds, but then it comes right back. It's never longer than a few seconds. You don't have to reboot the box to get the signal to come back, but it will keep temporarily not sending the signal until you reboot it. But that only lasts for a while before the problem starts again. The fios signal is fine, no snow or artifacting, because if you rewind the recording or live TV buffer to replay the the 1 second "no signal" spot, it plays fine.
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I as well am experiencing this problem. It started with just the audio cutting out for a quick second or two and then coming right back and has escalated to the screen going completely black for a second or two and then coming back. I have called verizon and they told me to switch to component cables. Why am i paying them 15$ a month for a dvr box that cant even use a hdmi cord. Also while on the phone with them they told me to reverse the hdmi cable... I didn't want to argue on the phone so i didn't bother explaining to the lady that the hdmi cable isn't directional.
Location: Virginia Beach
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Has there been any resolution for this problem?  I am in Hampton Roads Virginia and it has progressivly gotten worse since my install in April (yep not even a month with the company yet).  It not all the time, or even every day...


It is totally random, i dont even pay attention to what channel i am on, the picture just flashes to black and then back to the show (i also loose audio).  At first it was short, like a blink of the eye, but it has been getting longer. 


I know no one in here can fix it and I want to call tech support.  but wanted to see if anyone has been able to get a solution so when i do call i can kind of "lead" them in a direction that has worked.




Device: FIOS Wireless Router
Plan: Freedom/20mb
Location: Levittown, PA
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Just to update my previous issue.  It has gotten ever more frequent in cutting out.  I've tried resetting the DVR box, but that never helped.  Tonight was the first that I've gotten to call Verizon.  They reinitialized my HD/DVR STB from their end.  So far no cutting out.  We'll see if it holds up.


PS - A previous poster indicated that Samsung and Motorola boxes don't get along via HDMI.  I had Comcast prior to this and that also was a Motorola with no issues.  I think it has to be a software thing myself.

Device: FIOS Wireless Router
Plan: Freedom/20mb
Location: Levittown, PA
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Just wanted to apologize to whomever I questioned about the incompatibility with Samsung TV's.  Found this on the Samsung website today:


Are Samsung TVs Compatible With Verizon FIOS?

Since the release of Samsung’s 2008 televisions, we have received reports that the Motorola HD set-top-boxes installed by Verizon FIOS and some 2008 Samsung TV’s are incompatible. Some customers have reported that when the FIOS HD boxes are connected to Samsung TVs using an HDMI cable, the video drops in and out. The problem occurs randomly and can not be directly tied to any one model, HD box, board type, or television firmware version.  The problem is restricted to the HDMI connection. All other connection types work without a problem.

Samsung engineers have visited Verizon multiple times and have tested Verizon’s HD set-top-boxes with many Samsung televisions. In all cases, the problem didn’t occur during the test or, if it did occur, was resolved by replacing the tested set-top-box with an updated model.

After the tests, the technicians at Verizon confirmed that the problem lay with their equipment. To resolve the issue, Verizon will create a new set-top-box and/or write new firmware. In the meantime, Verizon has been advising customers to connect their set-top boxes to Samsung TVs using the Component video connection until a solution is available.


Hope a fix will be available soon.

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I have the same problem with the pictures cutting in and out with my Sony Bravia HD TV.  Verizon blames the problem on Sony and states the only solution is to remove my HDMI cables and replace with component cables. They claim the picture will be just as good.  I don't buy this solution.  I didn't pay for an expensive HDMI cable and and expensive TV for this answer.  I never had this problem with Comcast.  I am ready to go back to Comcast when my one year contract is over unless Verizon can fix the problem without putting the blame on the TV manufacturer.
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Plan: FIOS
Location: Philadelphia
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I have 2 HD boxes, a7216 and a 7100, I have a Visio 32 Plasma on the 7216 and a Pinoeer Elite plasma on the 7100, I get the drop outs on both, when watching live tv, and DVR recordings, I am using HDMI on both.  It doesn't appear to be a HDMI handshake issue, because my Visio always displays a retreiving data message when getting the handshake info.
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I spoke to Sony yesterday.  They were very helpful.  First they suggested that I power off both my TV and my DVR box for at least a minute.  I did that and last night we were able to watch TV for 2 hours without the picture going out once.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  They are also mailing me a USB drive with updated software that I can easier install on my TV if needed.
Location: Wappingers Falls, NY
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OK,  Seems like I am not alone but the Verizon Tech Support does not seem to have an answer to this.  Do they check the forums?  I switched from Directv to FIOS when FIOS became available in my neighborhood.  From the very beginning I have been experiencing the "white outs"  For me these are a few seconds of a white screen (with no picture - not an option even recognized on the troubleshooting page and no sound)  This occurs with live TV, and recorded shows.  The "snow" is not recorded.  If I use the rewind feature I can see what I missed and catch the missed dialogue. Here is an added kicker -  I had the program on pause while I was on the phone and I got the snow on the paused screen.

Verizon has replaced the connection box on the the outside of the house, removed excessive cabling, replaced splitters and replaced the STB all to no avail.

I have swapped the HDMI cables that were on the STB and my DVD difference, DVD works fine - STB - snow.  I then tried the different HDMI inputs on the TV  Swapping the STB to HDMI2 and the DVD to HDMI1.  Again, the same results.

I even purchased a higher quality HDMI cable - (Monster THX 700 series) and it is still cutting out.

Verizon is now sending me a set of component cables. 

For the people who have tried the switch to component - Did it work?  Did the picture quality suffer?

Has anyone tried the suggestion to switch the mode to 720p rather than 1080i?  If so, same two questions there.

Firmware updates must come from Verizon and are sent directly to the STB aren't they?

This is indeed very annoying.  Did not have any of these problems with Directv and my wife keeps reminding me of that!

If any Verizon Tech Support personnel reads these forums, how about identifying yourself and let us know what is being done about this problem.

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I have been experiencing Pixalation since FIOS TV was installed July 10, 2009.  A Technician will be out for the third time in the morning  Techs were out Thursday 8/27/09, replaced a coax fitting.  Picture cleared up but pixalation is back again Friday 8/28/09.  The  same 75+ channels are effected from the 100's through the 500's. If they do not resolve this tomorrow I will be going back to DirecTV.  I think Verizon rushed to claim as much market share as possible.  Their Quality Control is sorely lacking.  I was so looking forward to a service that was not effected by rain fade and outrageous rates.

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