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Picture jitter approx every 30 seconds???

Picture jitter approx every 30 seconds???

Contributor PingSlinger
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Registered: ‎11-14-2008
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I've had my HDDVR replaced already and the cabling in our townhome was all new. I previously used Bright House and never had a problem with that DVR. I'm stumped that the problem still exists after replacing the STB (with a brand new one). Anyone else experiencing this issue? I notice it mostly on HD channels. Sony XBR with HDMI. The picture kinda pauses and jitters very quickly and moves on as normal, but the audio remains normal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Sounds like a signal issue to me.  Your signal could be too strong.  Pauses and skipped frames is not an uncommon occurance on the FiOS DVR in response to some signal errors.
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Contributor Whalermike
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I get a lot of jitter too.


It is very frustrating that many people see this, but nothing seems to be done about it.

Copper Contributor jklBruin
Copper Contributor
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i wrote about this same issue in another post. one of the "techs" on this forum suggested installing a terminator on all unused coax branches and/or splitters, to try and cut down on signal distortions. i haven't done it yet, as i can't find any store in manhattan who sells this item, so i'll have to order it online.




Copper Contributor texastown
Copper Contributor
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Could be the HDMI.  Have you tried component (red/green/blue) cables to see if that fixes the problem.  Component provides an equal picture to HDMI without all the handshake issues. Worth a try to see how the pic does with different cables.
Copper Contributor McCleud
Copper Contributor
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Have had FIOS DVR for a couple weeks now. Among the issues I've seen so far, the other day the picture suddenly wigged out, showing a rolling warped video. Initially thought the TV had crapped out, then examined cables after confirming the TV fine using DVD as baseline, finally turned off and pulled the power cord out of the FIOS DVR for 10 seconds then powered back up.


Problem was gone. 


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