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Pixelated Speed Channel

Pixelated Speed Channel

Copper Contributor torpeau
Copper Contributor
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Not HD and no problem with any other channels, but it is irritating to watch the Speed Channel and see the screen pixelate, go black and the sound quit for a second.  This happens ever two or three minutes and has been going on for a couple years. -- probably as long as I've had Verizon.


I've asked the question here and gotten no useful responses.  I'm trying to avoid having to deal w/ Verizon's CS.

Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Check the noise on that channel. 


You have to tune to that channel, so get the speed channel up, and then when you have it up - hit menu, customer support, in home agent and then select network diagnostic.


Hit ok to start the diagnostic

When it's done it does not give you all the info you need.  You have to hit INFO to get the technical details. 


hit info and Find out what your SNR is.   if it's at or below 32 then that may be the reason why that channel is having trouble. 


Should be between 32 and 37 or 38.  Higher than 38 can sometimes cause issues too. 




Copper Contributor senor123
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Also, is it worth trying the HD channel? I'm able to view the HD channels on my SD sets. Perhaps you'll have better luck with that one?
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