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Pixelation across all of the TV's

Pixelation across all of the TV's

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I am a Verizon Fios customer in Baltimore MD. Recently we have been experiecing random pixelation across all of the tv in the home. We have 4 regular STB and 1 HD DVR. I have had 2 verizon techs visit the home. They determined that the signal level in the COAX cable is optimal 38 SNR. The second tech replaced the ONT and the cable splitter outside of the home just to see if that was the problem, however it is still pixelating. From here I dont know what to do. Any suggestions from anyone as to what the problem could be? All help is appreciated.

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Do you have multiroom dvr service? 


If so maybe you need to replace your DVR.


Just call the customer service number and say agent when the call menu starts playing on phone,don't punch any of the press 1 for this etc.  This way you could speak  DIRECTLY with a customer service agent and request that a DVR be replaced because of pixelation problems.


You've had the techs come out. 


Is this a new problem or an ongoing one?


 I sometimes get pixelation on some tv program channels but not all and not for long or all the time.


 I also had techs come out and I replaced my dvr.

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Thanks for your feedback. The problem has been going on for about 3-4 weeks. I have not been able to narrow the problem down to a particular time or channel. Its happens on SD and HD channels. I do have the multi dvr service, however the problem is happening on live feed across the tv, not when I watch the recorded programs on other STB. We have not replaced any boxes yet. Do you think that this could be the problem even though it is happening while watching live tv?

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How long have you had your boxes for?


If you had the dvr for a long period of time I would try to get a replacement.


I have the Dvr and 1 standard set top box.


Other than that Maybe it's something with the receiver signals coming into Fios.


I would definitely keep persuing this issue with Customer Service. 


 Call them like I explained speak to a real customer service agent.  I never deal with the menu system.  I want to talk to a real person not a menu.


I have found unless you are persistant with Verizon regarding issues/problems you will not get a solution.


Keep on them for a solution!


Let me know how you make out with your problem. Persistance is the answer to getting a problem resolved.

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Thanks for your quick reply and your advice. I am going to call and get the DVR replaced. Hopefully this will fix the issue. Thanks again

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So we replaced the boxes  and are still having the pixelation problem across the tvs. I have a tech coming out on Fri but I am getting very frustrated regarding the problem. I am not sure what the problem is however I think it is beyond my control. Any other advice that anyone has to offer.

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Find the coax splitter in the house, the main one that connects to the Verizon ONT or network terminal.  Check the main cable going into it, and unhook it, and clean it out (either blow in it or clean it out with a smidgen of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab)


then reconnect it.


Do this even if you think it's tight and there aren't any problems. 


you can also reset the main ont box and see if that helps too. 


Also if you notice any wierd amplifiers or antenuators on the coax lines, then disconnect them, remove them from the picture.  Those have the opposite effect on a fios line, than they do with other cable providers.


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So it turns out that after speaking with the local manager in md, they have now identified that there is an issue coming from the local office that is affecting the tvs in the area. The customer service is horrible. Why was this information not relayed to me earlier

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So since I lasted post on the forums, the issue has still not been resolved. I keep getting the run around. I have spoke to several managers and supervirors and nothing helps. Can anyone provide any suggestion on how I should escalate the issue.



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Sorry to hear about the pixelation. Pixelation is caused by either a network problem, Set-Top-Box(if only 1 effected) or inside wiring problem. The best way to resolve this issue is to start from the ONT. A "home run"(dedicated coax line) from the ONT to a Set-Top-Box. Test it this way. If it goes away, then it's the rest of the home wiring that you just removed somewhere. It could be a splitter, coax cable or a coax connector pin(the copper needle) that is too long or cut wrong. Even though the SNR(signal level) to that box is good, it could be intermittent. If you can setup a home run to 1 box and test. This will tell you right away that it's the inside. Since the ONT has been replaced then this will most likely not be the issue. Good luck.

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