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Please....stop with the menu colors

Please....stop with the menu colors

Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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I've seen pictures of the new scheme and I can tell I'm not a fan of it either, but just so everyone knows the new guide is almost identical to that of Comcast's.

Contributor argon
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Verizon is opening a new chain of vision clinics - FIOS customers can get 10% off a new eyeglass RX.


Not sure who thought this new color palette was a good idea?  Obnoxious, would be the kindest adjective that comes to mind.   

Contributor shepsbear
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The new menu is hard to read, colors are horrible, and this is not a time to insert the color green!!  Think about that.  Primarily seniors use the the guide.......why do you insist on putting harsh, bright colors that hurt our eyes?  There is nothing readable about this menu and it is so confusing.  Kids don't use this, teenagers don't use it, only seniors use it and now we can't see it.  Change it or I think I will just do without Verizon totally.  Nothing on there much anymore anyway.  Saturdays are just null with blanks as per your scheduling.  I'm also tired of the grammatical mistakes and putting it in Spanish when it should be English.  Take a little time and quit making so many mistakes!!  Fix the menu PLEASE......Put it back like it was.

Contributor snowdog
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My wife and I agree, the new guide is terrible.  Who did you market test this on?  Obviously not anyone.  The color combinations are unreadable by anyone with less than 20/20 or better vision.  The program progress bar is only 1mm wide on my 42" screen, with a red over dark grey scheme - who the hell can see that?


The DVR navigation is a step backwards as well - used to be able to delete all episodes of a given show at one time, now it's all one by one.  Come on Verizon, we pay a lot of money for our services - give us something usable or you'll start losing customers to your competition.  We've been FiOS customer since 2008 and were considering upgrading to FiOS Quantum, but forget that now.


The new guide sucks - give us the option to go back the old one or fix this one ASAP.

Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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I like the new guide features.

Contributor Jeff1977
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Has anyone noticed while watching a show on the DVR and the program comes to the end, you do not get an opportunity to delete the show?  Am I missing a setting to get this back?

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I guess with any changes, it is something to get used to.  I remember when the new colors came out previously and there were complaints that the blue was too bright.  I will say that there are things I don't like about the new screen:


1.  If you need to adjust the settings on a DVR record, you now have to confirm the change by pressing the little yellow triangle "A" at the bottom of the remote.  Before, you just hit the Okay button.  Not sure why they changed this.  It was much easier just using the arrow keys and the Okay button.

2.  When watching a DVR recording, it is more difficult to tell how far the program is by looking at the line that shows the length of how far you are in the program.  It does not go the entire way across the listing like it used to, so it is throwing me off.

3.  When you done with a DVR show, to delete, you now scroll up instead of down to get to delete.  I am used to scrolling down because that is where delete used to be.  Not a major deal, just something to get used to.

4.  In Settings, you used to be able to pick whether you wanted the classic view or more modern view (I can't remember what it is called) when looking at the Guide menu.  I liked the classic view because it did not have as many channels on the screen so the screen was less crowded.  Now, regardless of which one I select, the screen is the same.  There is no difference between the two choices now.

5.  In Guide view, I am still thrown off by which channel to select.  I now it is the one that is in the middle, but for some reason, I sometimes miss that and am looking at the wrong channel.  It needs to be clearer which channel you are selecting, like putting a dark border around that channel or something.  Even though that channel is bigger, it still throws me off.

6.  For whatever reason, it bothers me that the live TV screen in the top left corner of the Guide screen blocks some of the channel numbers that are at the top of the screen.


I realize some of these are nitpicky, and I will get used to the new version.  I do wish they would re-establish the two views, classic and modern, so that I can have a guide screen that is less crowded.

Contributor Jeff1977
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I posted the entry about not having the opportunity to delete when a dvr show is done.  This has been fixed after TWO reboots of the system.  It also fixed not having on-demand available.  The second time I used the auto fix of multi room dvr, even though I have only one dvr.  It seems to operate as intended now.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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These are the most awful colors I have EVER seen! I have no clue how the person that dreamed up these colors got t past management—kind of spooky that so many dumb people are in management—eyes.


I have looked for the past couple days trying to find a way to change the theme, but no luck.


Spooked by Verizon management!

Contributor bluerox
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I agree!!  I HATE this new format.  You can't tell if a show is already scheduled for recording on the TV listings AND you can't tell if the episode is new or a re-run.  Scanning from day to day to hour to hour on the TV listings is a pain as well.  Also, if you accidentally click on a show to delete you can't "unclick" the radio button for the mistake.  What gives????  Get rid of this new format and bring back the previous format!!!  I sure hope Verizon reads these posts.

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