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Popping Sound on Surround System when starting On-Demand

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Popping Sound on Surround System when starting On-Demand

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Hello Everyone,


I have an issue concerning the connection between the Set-Top Box and my home theater system.



My father-in-law purchased a Sony TV (KDF-50WE655) some years ago and asked me to help him purchase and install a surround system.  I recommended, and he purchased, an Onkyo Home Theater System that came with the Onkyo HT-R540 Receiver.  Everything was hooked together using Component Video cables and Optical/Coax Sound cables.  A Samsung DVD-P241 Player was also installed.  At the time, Cablevision was the cable provider and there were no problems.  About two years ago, the in-laws installed Verizon FiOS TV.  The technician installed the Motorola HD QIP6200-2.



When beginning an on-demand program, a popping sound resonates through the surround sound system while the picture flickers as the program starts.  When the program ends, and the set-top box returns to the scheduled programming, the screen flickers again and the popping sound is emitted again.  Sometimes, the flickering/popping sound is followed by the receiver switching to it's DVD settings, thus, loosing all picture and audio.  The in-laws claim that the popping sound also occurs while using the DVD player, however, I have not been able to re-create the symptom.



The Onkyo HT-R540  is the central component for all video and audio, as intended. 


The DVD-P241 is connected to the Onkyo HT-R540 via component video and coax audio cable. 


 The Moto QIP6200-2 is connected to the Onkyo HT-R-540 via component video and optical audio.


There is no audio going to the TV (Sony KDF-50WE655), only video from the Onkyo HT-R540 receiver through component video.


No HDMI cables are used since the Onkyo HT-R540 does not have HDMI connectors (I wish it did).


Misc. Notes:

The in-laws have three cats.  Dust, pet dander, etc. is a common issue, however, I have cleaned the connections and the immediate area surrounding the receiver and the issue persists.  There are no frayed wires.  I have taken apart all connections, cleaned and re-installed them (FiOS tech installed extra composite video/audio cables to the TV and set-top box, why, I do not know, I removed them).


I don't know what else to do.  Anyone have an idea?



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Re: Popping Sound on Surround System when starting On-Demand

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This could be cause by any number of things by and any number of devices.  The most likely is that the surround system's amp is causing the popping sounds upon power up/down.  First thing I would do is bypass the surround system all together to see if you get the popping noise from the TV speakers.  This would eliminate the STB as the issue.

Once you eliminate the STB, and I suspect you will, you'll want to make sure all cables going in/out of the Onkyo are not loose.  Also, make sure the Onky is grounded to the power outlet.  Unfortunately sometimes these things are generally unavoidable.  However, if that's the case, you'll want to make a concerted effort make sure the volume on the Onkyo is turned down on power on/off so as not to damage the cones in your speakers when they pop.

Let us know what you come up with over there!



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