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Pretty sure I'm gonna leave

Pretty sure I'm gonna leave

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I have been a FIOS customer since I moved into my new home in June of 2009. Last year I added wireless service to my one-bill account when I got a new cell phone so now all of my services are Verizon.


I like FIOS in general as a service. Your internet is blazingly fast and I rarely have any TV or phone outages. Over the last few years I have had many aggressive (I hate them) Comcast sales people come to my door offer any number of incentives to get me to switch - and time after time I have turned them away. They have offered me straight up cash to switch and I've said no because I am (was) happy with FIOS and I know these deals have a short life span.


However, I am writing to let you know that your customer service has become so bad that I am (truthfully) beyond the phase of threatening to leave and now I'm in the process of researching my other options, comparing price plans, etc. I may go wholesale to xfinity, or I may end up keeping FIOS just for internet, or getting Xfinity internet, and getting a dish for TV and switching to another cell carrier. I doubt I will save much, but at this point it's just a matter of principle.


I'm just one customer and I won't make a dent in your bottom line by leaving, although I'd like to point out that I'm responsible for at least two other customers (including my brother's family next door to me) switching to FIOS upon my recommendation. That sort of thing works two ways, though. My family and friends always come to me first for advice about technology. From now on my answer will be 'No' for FIOS. All told I can probably keep a dozen or so people from you, especially since I will be actively disparaging Verizon (but again, you'll hardly even notice it).


I'm approaching four years now as a customer, and you would likely have had about another ten years with me at this location. I was going to go into a long litany of grievances about the problems I've had but, to be honest, it will take too long and I really don't feel like getting any more patronizing responses ("unfortunately...", "we're sorry you're having trouble, sir", etc.) If you have the inclination I'm sure you can look in the record for much of it.


I will say, however, that I was told to call {edited for privacy} to follow up on a problem -- my several messages left at that number were never returned. Another thing you should know: your automated system called me once (I repeat, IT called ME) and put me on hold for an agent for 45 minutes before telling me that the customer service hours were over and disconnecting me. I can't fathom how something like that can happen. The rest is just incompetence combined with an acute lack of communication. I don't know what happened, I guess you guys just got too big. Right now I can't even get on chat.


Your customer service sucks.

Copper Contributor CaptainWinkie
Copper Contributor
Posts: 11
Registered: ‎05-03-2013
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YAY! Still a big bag o' nothin' !



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