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Problem Programming Universal Remote with Apex LD4088 HDTV

Problem Programming Universal Remote with Apex LD4088 HDTV

Location: Lakeland, FL
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Hey all, first time posting here. Anyways just got the Black Friday special that Target was running... Apex LD4088 40" HDTV. Ive been running around to try and find the universal remote codes for it to no avail. I tried  the Apex Digital codes and they all fail. Found that there is a 5 digit code that works for the Directv remotes, that being 11531. Please help as the remote on this thing is terrible. Im sure this will be a common question as these tvs were selling like hot cakes.

Device: 4123354344
Plan: verizon
Location: pgh
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same problem here!

Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
Device: Blackberry Curve
Location: New Jersey FSC
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If the codes haven't worked, have you tried this:



Brian K
Verizon Telecom
Fiber Solution Center

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Location: Lakeland, FL
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unfortunately i have tried that. i did that the first day i got the set but to no avail.

Device: FIOS TV & Router
Plan: Triple Play
Location: Pennsylvania
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Same problem here....   I have a Philips RC 1445302 Remote, and want to program it for my new APEX LCD 40"HDTV (Model 4088).  Verizon Tech Service was of no help!


I have tried all the recommended codes (0183, 0775, 0792, 0794, 0906,3183 and 3041, 3117, 3189)b but none worked! I also tried the search procedure (922), but did not find a code!



Considering that the 40" APEX Digital HDTV was the biggest selling TV by far in Target on Black Friday, I am sure that Verizon has an obligation to provide a procedure and/or remote that will work with the new generation of APEX TV's!



In the meantime, what do I do?

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I tried this too but no dice.  It says there may be over 200 code combinations... yeah right.  By my count, I cycled through the codes up to about 391 (give or take about 20 or so if I wasn't looking and the tv button didn't light up).  Another tip, don't watch sportscenter while doing this - their program runs through quite a few "black screens" where you think... oh I got it!


This is really an issue that needs resolution!

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try 1292 or 0057   those seem to be catch all codes for random brands

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Found it! - Astar : 1434. Works with my ATT Uverse remote.

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Location: Utah
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K guys, think about this for a minute... New TVs, old remotes...  Old remotes aren't programming to new tvs.. possibly, because the old remotes dont HAVE the new TVs codes.  You may be stuck buying a NEW universal remote for your NEW TV ... go figure

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