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Programming Remote for Digital Lifestyles brand TV

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Programming Remote for Digital Lifestyles brand TV

I have a "Digital Lifestyles" brand TV and since it's such a new proudct, there is no code for it in the User's Manual. When I followed the directions for "What if none of the codes worked", it didn't find a code. How can I set my remote to control the TV also? I have a  Philips RC 1445302 Remote.
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Re: Programming Remote for Digital Lifestyles brand TV

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actually you've already done everything that you can. If you followed the "what if none of the codes worked" steps, you have gone through every code that the remote knows. If that didnt work, your out of luck on the verizon remote.


Now what you could do is, find another universal remote that will work your tv, and then program it to work the verizon stb. Most universal remotes can be programmed to Motorola STB's. You may not get all the special features (ie, vod and widget buttons) but you should be able to get the channel controls and volume

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Re: Programming Remote for Digital Lifestyles brand TV

Better still, get a universal remote with learning capability.  Then you can learn all of the functions from your too-new TV, and supplement any Motorola functions that may be missing from the universal remote with learning.

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