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Progressively worse picture quality (tiling, drop outs)

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Re: Progressively worse picture quality (tiling, drop outs)

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Update to my Facebook complaint on this issue - long and short of it is the Verizon rep is claiming that since the link shows there is no outage in my area, there isn't a problem and is just keeps asking questions about my ONT - what lights are on, rebooting it (which I didn't do because there are 60 posts on my neighborhood Facebook page complaining about this exact problem and I really don't think it's my ONT).  Anyway, the problem seems to be resolving, at least for now, so maybe someone else other than this person did something about it.  Lesson learned - the FB comment section is not all that useful IMHO.  Hope it's getting better for you all too.

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Re: Progressively worse picture quality (tiling, drop outs)

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Thanks for the tip!  The DCT700 line is split off to another room which has the IPC1100 client box.  The SNR on ch. 103 is 42db, which is far better than the 31db I'm getting on the DCT700.  That said, since this is an IP box, I've been told the channel data is actually coming off the VMS1100 main server we have, rather than off the QAM feed like the DCT's do.  i.e. I'm not sure if it's an appropriate comparison/test now.  



Yeah, there's no service outage in my area either.  

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Re: Progressively worse picture quality (tiling, drop outs)

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@nowjustjo wrote:

We are having the exact same problem on ALL of our TV's and boxes.  Like you, we can't reach Fios in any way.  Sadly, their customer service being useless is not new.  We're wondering if the stutter and pixelation and freezing has something to do with COVID-19 (more people home using up bandwidth or whatever) but we can't even reach someone to ask.

You probably hit the nail on the head with the bandwidth issue almost overwhelming the servers. I'm sure none ever counted on the demand this situation has caused, and I'm sure it also impacted On Demand worse. I would bet they are working on expanding their capabilities. The system info tells you if your system is operating correctly from the ONT to the box you are checking. If it is all good, then the odds are it's a server end issue, nothing you can fix in-house.

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