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QIP7216-1 Replaced With QIP6416-1

QIP7216-1 Replaced With QIP6416-1

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I've had FIOS (triple play) for less then a month and was experiencing problems with my brand new QIP7216-1 DVR. The picture would freeze for a couple of seconds when playing back a previously recorded program. I know that it was only during play back, since I watched the show being recorded and there were on interruptions in the signal, etc. They agreed to send me a replacement DVR. The replacement DVR is an QIP6416-1 dated 2006. My question is: Does this box provided everything my previous DVR did (Features, Picture Quality, Audio Quality, etc.). I've got to say I feel someone what cheated that being a brand new customer, etc. I now have equipment that's 3+ years old. I was a previously a Dish Network Customer and when I received replacement equipment from them, it always looked brand new. It may have not been, but it certainly was refurbished. The equipment I received from Verizon looked USED and was just thrown in as box, no plastic wrapping, etc.

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only difference that would possibly affect you is that the 7216 had a COAX out.....


Well I guess that is not true, since you seem to have already been deeply affected by it....


You arent missing out on anything..... I've got a roll of bubble wrap, if you want it.... chillax





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In general I think you are lucky to get a 6416 to replace the 7216.


From the reports I have read, the 7216 has had more problems than the 6416. I have a 6416 that I have had since Sept. 2005 and it works just fine, supports all of the services Verizon provides, at least for now. Some time in the future Verizon might start using mpeg-4 compression, which I understand the 7216 supports and the 6416 doesn't, and perhaps they will support an external hard drive on the eSata connection that the 7216 has and the 6416 doesn't, but other than that I don't know of any benefit of the 7216 over the 6416.


I suggest you give it a try, if it doesn't work you can always request another replacement.


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