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QP-6416 is driving me nuts!

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QP-6416 is driving me nuts!

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Hi All,


I'm in Oregon and have a QP-6416 running 1.6.1 build 8.53. As of late the DVR behavior has changed, much for the worse. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this.


1) At least half the time I try to record a show after I have been watching it for a while (10-20 minutes), the buffer gets flushed and it starts recording at the current point. I can clearly see the buffer in the OSD and should be able to catch it all. But  NO! "You cannot record your buffer this time! Perhaps I will let you next time, perhaps not. It all depends on my mood."


This *really* irks me to no end.  :smileymad:RAWR! It used to be the thing would record hours of the buffer if the channel hadn't been changed. I could watch a NASCAR race or ball game for hours then hit record and get the whole thing, including the pre-race stuff!. Now? Cross your fingers at 20 minutes in. 50-50 chance it'll work this time. Grrr!


2) The DVR "stutters" regularly where the picture and sound stumbles or freezes. It'll recover after a few seconds but is very annoying. I  see it watching live TV and recordings.


3) Now and then, my TV suddenly goes blue-screen with "No Signal!" flashing. The HDMI output just turns off for some reason and a DVR reset is needed to get it back.


Anyone else out there dealing with this stuff? Any ideas for fixng this?


Please advise. I would appreciate it.






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Re: QP-6416 is driving me nuts!

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I've been having the same problems last couple of months, mostly the HDMI output shutting down where I wind up with a snowy picture.  I have to fix it by pulling the HDMI cable out of the back of the box and plugging it back in.  A PAIN IN THE {word filter avoidance}  !!


A recent conversation with FiOS tech support revealed that it's a software bug, and they know about it.


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