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Quality of FIOS Support

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Quality of FIOS Support

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A heads up folks.   I'm on FIOS for almost 6 months, and have had good service (no problems).  Tonight TV signal and/or box is on the frits--I'm talking Blue Screen is all I have.  I have been on phone 41 minutes now, and have yet to get a human on the other end.

This is definitely not a good omen.  --And I haven't even brought up the personal cost to me of having to listen to the most mindless, insidious, soul-destroying 4 bars of so-called music that exist on the planet.  The latter is really unforgivable.  Signing off (of everything) at 47 minutes with no human contact and zero service support. .................Late breaking update.  A helpful fellow came on at 47 minutes and he's placed an order for a replacement box delivery tomorrow.  I've no complaints  at all with the service he delivered. 

I do have two hard problems:  47 minutes to get to help for No Service (no option available for a call-back by Verizon when service becomes available, for example), and 2: Is there anyone at Verizon Management with the basic human decency to do something about the noise customers are forced to hear while interminably awaiting service?

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Re: Quality of FIOS Support

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waiting on hold and waiting in line and waiting in traffic and things breaking are all part of life, buddy


I doubt the hold muzak will be changed... and if they did, someone else would complain about that selection


just do like I do, to my wife's voice.... Tune it out


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Re: Quality of FIOS Support

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the problem is, like with any large company, The people who have contact with the customers, do not have the authority or ability to make changes to policy. Verizon, did a focus group, and that group of people picked the music that we now listen to. Its the same when it comes to the rate plans, TV channel groups, size of the hard drives, type of boxes in use, etc. All these things are determined by the bean counters that have no contact with the public. And then to top it off, the people that actually do talk to the customers have no access to the people above to make suggestions. I used to work for one of the other cable companies (back in college) and it was the same way. (one of the reasons I tend to give allowances to the people I speak to at Verizon). Where I worked, and I'm sure it works the same way at Verizon, is that when I spoke to a customer and they had a complaint or suggestion. I would forward that to my supervisor. Then they would send it up to the center manager. The center manager would then (possibly) send it up to the regional manager. Then if you were really lucky it would be sent up to the operations manager for the company. The problem is that anything beyond my supervisor, had absolutely no contact with the public. There was no way for a customer to speak to them. And if anywhere along in that process beyond the local supervisor, if they decided that it was not a valid or worthy complaint/suggestion, it would be filed in the round file.


The upper level people that make the decisions are all making millions of dollars a year, these people do not visit the forums, the centers taking the calls, or even read any of the critics out there. They have people that do that for them and write reports and miss all of the small things that we consider important (small to them, not us)


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