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Quantum - For me, the Cons far outweigh the Pros

Quantum - For me, the Cons far outweigh the Pros

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I "upgraded" to Quantum from "regular" FiOS and after 3 days, I'm regretting it.  


I paid for a Tech Visit to do the install in an attempt to avoid problems. He came in and did a walk-through to assess what had to be done. He went to his truck and returned with the new Quantum equipment. Before any of the old equipment was removed / disconnected, I asked about saving my (extensive) DVR Schedule to the cloud. He told me it couldn't be done because he'd already disabled all the equipment in the house. I was unhappy, but stuck.


Continuing, here's my Cons/Pros list.  



  1. System responsiveness is annoyingly slow.  I never had a problem before Quantum.  Now, changing channels involves a 2-15 second delay.  Same with Quantum On Demand.
  2. No eSATA support for additional storage.
  3. On Demand ability on the IP devices intermittently gives an "unavailable message".  I have to unplug/replug the device.
  4. When the MENU,  SETTINGS, AUDIO & VIDEO, AUDIO is set to "variable", it then requires a minimum of 6 button presses to adjust volume.  In that mode the remote control volume button doesn't work - it's dedicated to the TV. That wasn't true for me before Quantum.  Also, in "variable" mode, the remote control MUTE doesn't work at all.
  5. The Quantum software (version 1.0b)  is a few steps back from what I had before, IMG 1.9, because:

a) tougher to read then the IMG 1.9 black/red scheme.

b) missing the "reminder" feature.

c) missing the automatic notice that a selection joined "in-progress" is available OnDemand.

d) left arrow in the guide to go to VOD isn't available.

e) AutoPower Off setting for "never" is gone; only 1,2,4 hour choices.  Not enough time to watch two long movies back-to-back on the same channel..

f) IP devices have an internal light that won''t shut off, which is annoying in a bedroom at night..

g) The "info" button used to have 3 stages: info bar, sgort info page, full info page.  Now there are only two, the full info is gone.

h) Extended "CAST" info is unavailable.


It's clear that Quantum isn't the flagship service Verizon attempts to make it out to be.  At best, it's a "beta version", but not at a "beta price".  It should be recalled until corrections are available. 



But, it isn't lall bad; there are a few minor Pros:

- AC gateway router (and additional hefty cost item) does provide a stronger signal than the older Actiontec Rev I.

- 6-tuner DVR will eliminate problems when there are more than 2 things to record, provided the IP devices aren't using the tuners.  It's a total of 6 between active IP devices and recodings. 

- live TV rewind

- the IP device has a clock display


The Pros do not outweigh the Cons. 


I'm hoping someone at Vz reads this and can help with the "cons" - especially the "responsiveness" problems.  


And to repeat myself, Verizon -- give your flagship Quantum service, the attention it needs and get the equivalent of IMG 1.9 features out there SOON!


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Fossil - 


I had the responsiveness issue for a few weeks, ever since upgrading to Quantum.  Last night, I called Fios Tech support and explained my issue:  the remotte control took 5+ seconds to have the system response, setting a show to record takes even longer, other delays that I never experienced.  The tech reset the system and solved that issue.   The media center was very fast afterward.  Its been about 24 hours and the Fios system has been doing well.  I was completely unhappy until this was fixed.  Now I think its faster than it has been.  


Regarding your recordings - I asked and researched this - your recorded shows cannot be transfered to the new DVR - there is no cloud for that.  Your series recordings should automatically transfer as those are stored in the cloud.  I installed my own system and I did nothing to set the series recordings, they all transfered over.  


My open item is the new Black/Red menu scheme that I HAD with my old box that I do NOT have now.  I liked some of the widgets on the new menu and I can't find any news on when the quantum boxes will be updated with the new menu.  If anyone knows, that would be helpful  




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Platinum Contributor III
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Couple of comments:
1) Verizon has said they currently won't be offering eSATA support for Quantum as it currently meets or exceeds the storage offerings of the competition.

2) Auto Power off setting is supported in Quantum. I have it set on both my VMS and IPCs. It is an option above 1 hour.

3) I think you have to set remote to control STB volume vs TV. Search for instructions on the model remote you have.

4) Some of the latest guide updates for STBs is anticipated to be released in late January.

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Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Thanks for responding.


A reset/reboot hasn't changed the poor responsiveness issue for me.


My DVR issue was NOT about transferring the existing recordings, which is not possible.  

My issue was "... saving my (extensive) DVR Schedule to the cloud."  That is possible - but was not done because the tech was in too much of a rush to disconnect the exisitng equipment.


As for the "red/black" Interactive media Guide - yes, I like it better and one would think that with FiOS quantum being the "flagship" product Verizon would have had the IMG 1.9 for Quantum BEFORE other platforms, but I find that all too often Verizon's actions defy logic.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Registered: ‎07-10-2011
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Thanks for responding.


1) If Verizon's reasoning for no eSATA support is as you wrote, " Verizon has said they currently won't be offering eSATA support for Quantum as it currently meets or exceeds the storage offerings of the competition." they aren't looking at the competition in all aspect for determining the features offered.  DISH TV provides "cloud-based" storage and Comcast provides a "watch-anywhere" DVR.  Seems like the expalnation you offered for no eSATA is a "one-way street", which is typical of Verizon.


2) Thanks to you, I did find the "no power off" stteing.  Glad it's there.


3) STB" Volume.  Again - thanks.  The data sheet for the remote control does address that.  


4) IMG updates.  I hope you're right.  The non-Quantum IMG 1.9 is substantially superior to the Quantum 1.0b IMG.

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