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Question on Quide resolution with SD override set

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Copper Contributor
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Question on Quide resolution with SD override set

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I have a question concerning SD override and Quide resolution.


I gather that the Quide resolution is whatever is set with "SD Override?"  


I have SD Override set to 480 as that gives the best overall SD experience.   I don't mind the ocassional hiccups as the STB and TV resynch between 480 and 1080 and back.   I was just curious to know if I could keep the guide in 1080 and reserve 480 only for SD channels.  I can't find anything in the menus.


I have the Cisco STB with 1.9.7 build 19.46 software.



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Re: Question on Quide resolution with SD override set

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I cant be 100% but I thought the Cisco STB was HD. Therefore, it should have HD guide.

How is STB connected to TV?

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Re: Question on Quide resolution with SD override set

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Thanks for the reply!


Yes, you are correct -- the Cisco STB is a HD box.   I have it connected to my 40" RCA HD TV with a HDMI cable.  I watch a mix of SD and HD channels -- and since Verizon and Weather Channel have yet to work out a deal to give local weather on HD, I have to go to the SD Weather channel or SD Weatherscan to see local weather reports.


My curiosity is that SD PQ looks best when setting "SD Override" in the STB's video settings to 480i or 480p as opposed to "off" or "stretch."   Doing this however, puts the guide in permanent SD mode even though I have the STB guide settings set to display the guide in HD as opposed to SD.  HD channels appear as HD regardless of how I set "SD Override".   The guide doesn't look all that hot in SD mode with my TV.


So, I have "SD Override" set to "stretch" and improved things a bit on viewing SD on my HD box by reducing the video sharpness settings, that is, moving to soft settings, on both the STB and the TV.  High sharpness settings actually makes the SD PQ worse.


The other strange thing is that I get text flicker with some SD channels -- like text on Weatherscan, sports scores, etc. -- but I can correct that simply by turning the STB off and then on again while keeping the TV on.  Viola!  The STB and the TV synch up right and the annoying flicker goes away.  It will stay that way so long as I keep watching SD channels.   I stray to a HD channel, go back to SD, and the flicker is there again.  I simply power-cycle the STB and it clears up.   By power cycle I don't mean a reset, simply turn the STB off and back on again while the TV is still on.  That I can't figure out.


Just curiosities.  I figure Verzon and co. doesn't have the chance to improve things unless we give good feedback.

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