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Quick return to Live tv after pausing/rewinding?

Quick return to Live tv after pausing/rewinding?

Contributor emt
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Is there a button on the remote or a quick way to return to live tv after pausing or rewinding a show?  I'm coming from Dish Network, where there was a "Live TV" button on the remote but I don't see anything similar on the FIOS remote.

Contributor jimvideo
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Control of the DVR needs a Steve Jobs approach (I am not an Apple guy but people seem to understand what this means), the two tuners should have live pause for each tuner so you can watch TV on your terms not the broadcasters. Isn't that the idea of the DVR and being able to pause live TV? I want to watch channel 2 on one tuner and channel 4 on the other tune, then pause 2 and jump over to 4 avoiding the commercials on 2. Then pause 4 and jump back to 2 avoiding the commercials on 4. I would like to be able to jump ahead in 15 minute increments on a 2 hour show and not have to scan through it like it was aVCR from the eighties, isn't that why we went digital. I would like a slow-mo button and a frame by frame advance and rewind button so I can check out the play I just saw on live TV or go back slowly to catch that 1 second display of the two and half men vanity card from Chuck Lorie. I want to watch TV on my terms.


Someone at Fios should sit down with a videophile and see how a system should work. I suggest they look at the DirecTV R10 dual reciever with tivo. While I was using this DVR I almost never had to watch a commercial in 5 years. Sadly today I have seen more commercials in a week using Fios DVR then i did in 5 years using TIVO. 


So to help this guy out, try hitting the squire stop button and see what happens.

Silver Contributor I
Silver Contributor I
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The large round white button that says FiOS TV in red and black is the "Live TV" button (on the P265 remote).

Contributor Pistolero
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Thanks AnnJ.

Copper Contributor AnnJ1
Copper Contributor
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You're welcome.


(I am AnnJ but my whole account was erased, so now I'm AnnJ1 until/unless I can get it straightened out.)

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