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RF (UHF) remotes, connecting HDD, noise?

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RF (UHF) remotes, connecting HDD, noise?

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I have been a DISH customer since just after the CIvil War. Considering defecting to FIOS.  I have these questions:


1) My DVRs must be  remotly located.  Is there a FIOS DVR or STB that works with a RF remote (I've seen the old posts from years ago.   I want to know what they have now).


2)  20 hours of recording is not much.  Can I now connect an external HDD using either USB or eSATA?


3)  I used to have a DISH DVR in the bedroom that sounded like an aircraft carrier every time the hard drive spun up for downloads in the middle of the night.  What sould level can be expected for the Verizon DVR?


4) Fo my three TVs I do not want one DVR.  I would like at least 2, possibly three.  What do you suggest?


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Re: RF (UHF) remotes, connecting HDD, noise?

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Hello Maitre2, welcome to the forums. Technology has changed since the Civil War.  FIOS remotes utilize IR technology to transmit signals to components. Those that have similar setups to yours, where the DVR is apart from the TV, use IR repeaters.  Regardless of DVR location, the DVR still must connect to the TV. If you are using HDMI, you might consider the Sewell InjectIR Repeater ($45). It utilizes an unused channel of the HDMI cable itself to send signals between the TV and DVR. ( I have no affiliation with Sewell).




The new 7232 FIOS DVR can record about 70 hours of HD material on its 500Gb hard drive. The 7232, as well as the lower capacity 7216, can both connect an esata external hard drive when programmed with the recent IMG 1.9 upgrade.

I do not have my DVR in my bedroom and cannot comment on nocturnal sounds. However, it is a very quiet machine at other times.

I also do not have multiroom DVR ability at this time, but understand that it will shave a few dollars off monthly fees for redundant separate DVR units. Hope that helps somewhat.

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