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Rare DVR Recording Bug

Rare DVR Recording Bug

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This issue involves a DVR that believes it is recording a program when in fact it is not.


There is a rare DVR bug in which a program (or series) is scheduled to be recorded but doesn't. If you look ahead to try to make sure that it is scheduled properly, it may show as scheduled in the Guide, but not the Scheduled Recordings list, or vice versa (sometimes it will show in both). When you try to reschedule it in the Guide, it informs you that it is already scheduled, but still doesn't record. If the program is currently in progress, but not recording, you can go to the channel and press REC, at which point the DVR informs you that there is a conflict and that you need to cancel a recording first. But one of the programs that it gives you the option of canceling is the program that you are telling it to record. If you play along and tell it to cancel the program that you are trying to record so that it can record it, the pop up goes away, but the program still does not record.


The only 2 possible solutions I've found so far is to try to force the recording by entering the program's Info page and selecting record there. -OR- Deleting all incidences of the program's scheduling from the Series Manager, Scheduled Recordings list and the Guide, then rescheduling the program to record again.


I've found postings on this issue going back at least as far as early 2010 and IMG 1.7. Please look into this issue and see what you can find.

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Copper Contributor mhipsman
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try resetting router

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@mhipsman wrote:

try resetting router

Has nothing to do with the router.  It is an problem witht the DVR series manager (and as the title says rare).  I had this happen once about a year ago with a series and I had to delete and re-add the series to get it to actually schedule and record.  There was no router re-boot.

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