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Recorded Program Playback Problem

Recorded Program Playback Problem

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When trying to play a recorded program I get an error message "Unable to play selected program. Please try again later." Also, the TV program in the display window goes black when the error message comes up. This only occurs for recorded programs that were recorded in February and earlier. More recent recordings work fine.

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This means the recording was corrupted. There was something happening with the DVR at the time those were recorded. With the DVR not having troubles now it would be impossible to find out what was going on at the time. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes and your unwatchable shows.


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That can not be the case. The recordings were able to be played back previously And were multiple times. Sometime between Feb 15 and March 1 they suddenly were not able to be played back any more. Was there a software/firmware update during that time?

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I have started having the same problem recently.  Over the last few weeks I have lost approximately 5 programs with the same error.  Only in my case, I have not previously watched the programs and cannot watch the programs now. 

I have no ability to watch the programs as the lost programs are not available on On Demand. 

I have deleted all but one of the programs from my DVR as I have tried on numerous occassions to watch the defective shows.  I kept one for proof.


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Hi alfers,


Not trying to split hairs, but I am curious about this issue. The OP was describing an issue regarding previously viewable recordings becoming unplayable. You are describing recorded programs that have never been playable. I and many others have experienced your issue before. No one has discovered a cure yet. One posting claimed that they recovered the recording with an auto correct. But when I suggested it to another contributor, he reported back that all it did was erase the listing. Does your DVR actually give the error message "Unable to play selected program. Please try again later." like the OP, or does the screen just go black and then return to Live TV?


As for watching episodes that are no longer repeating or On Demand, you can always try hulu or the individual network sites. Other than that you usually have to wait till they come out on a subscription or pay-to-rent service (Netflix, hulu+, etc.).

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