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Recording to VCR using Digital Adapter

Recording to VCR using Digital Adapter

Contributor dsetzer
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I've been kicking around getting the digital adapter instead of the STB for 2 of our TVs (they're in an office and guest room).  I understand we wouldn't have the interactive guide, PPV, etc.


BUT- what I don't know is can you schedule the VCR to record with the digital adapter without first changing the channel on the digital adapter?


For instance, can I schedule the VCR to record channel 15 at 8pm and channel 72 at 10pm without user-intervention between the 2 recordings?  How does the digital adapter get it's channel changed first to 15 and then later to 72?



Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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The short answer is no...


The digital adaptor, if you dont get too technical, is still just another cable box.  IT decodes and then sends the signal to the VCR so as far as the VCR is concerned it cannot tell the difference between the STB and Digital adaptor. So you have to set your VCR to record channel 3 and then set the adaptor to the channel you want recorded.



Now I'm sure there is a way if your bound and determined by getting things like IR blasters and remote channel changers and whatnot but your looking at more equipment and probably getting further into it than it would be worth.

Contributor dsetzer
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎11-28-2008
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sapcedebris -



Thanks for confirming what I suspected.  From what I saw with the STB, the channel is changed/managed @ the STB and not the TV.  The TV is set to channel 3 and the VCR only records on channel 3.


Bleh, there goes my goal of saving $2 x 2/month. (grin)



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