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RedZone is not working!

RedZone is not working!

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I called Verizon and 5 times got disconnected due to heavy call volume.  At least that is what I assume.


I activated the redzone and now it is saying my order cannot be completed.  I have had it for 2 years and never had this issue.  The one time I did get through to VZ the recording said my order could not be completed because the appointment was not scheduled!  THERE IS NO APPOINTMENT!  I am activating the same RedZone that is part of my package.


Any help?

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I have the Ultimate package - when I tune to ch 835   NFL Redzone it is asking me to subscribe instead of seeing the splash screen that you usually see before the season starts has this been removed from the ultimate package? 


I am in vho 8  Delaware


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LOL...who knows.  Verizon is a joke!


I called to cancel my Redzone service because the cost is too high/  $55....up from $50 last year.


When I called, the woman told me that if I upgrade to Ultimate HD (which includes Redzone) and change my voice service to digital then my monthly cost will only increase by $5.   That would have been totally worth it because I would have gottten redzone plus showtime and other HD channels that I didn't already have....for a comparable price.


 This was total **bleep**, though, because when I got my confirmation email the price had gone up by $15 per month!!!!   I called to cancel it asap.  


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I have ultimate as well and just looked at the channel.  I see a thing where you hit okay to order it and if I do, it says I can't order it through the remote because a package change would be required.


I'm assuming/hoping this will be fixed before the NFL season starts?  RedZone is the only thing that makes NFL football watchable.  (I'm much more of a college guy.)

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I just looked at the packages and RedZone is no longer listed under Ultimate TV.   

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Really? I checked their site and I still see that it is available in the Ultimate package. Hopefully, the channel works when we gets closer to the season starting.

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This temporary ad we're seeing may just have been put in place of the regular splash screen while Verizon was carrying the Olympics channels. This was the perfect channel to take down to use the QAM space for a temporary channel. Now that the channels are being taken down, I would expect the regular Red Zone screen to reappear in the next couple weeks for those of us who subscribe to Ultimate HD.

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Any comment on this?  I'd like to hear from someone who works for Verizon that this is going to be fixed/working by the time the NFL season starts.

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No one from Verizon is ever going to comment on this board about programming issues. The good news is that there is a carriage agreement in place for Verizon to carry Red Zone on certain tiers and at certain prices. There is no way they will violate this by not getting the channel up and running in time for the start of the season. I'm not sure what they are waiting for right now, but I feel very confident that it will get done.

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I just checked my Redzone channel. It wasn't working previously for me, but I hit OK, it told me that I get Redzone under the Ultimate package, and I had to hit OK again to activate the channel. A couple of minutes later, the channel was working and now I have the normal splash page.

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