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Remote Clicks Often Not Registering

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Remote Clicks Often Not Registering

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Hey folks,

At least 20% of the time when I hit a button on the remote, it doesn't register on the the set top box (6416-2 HD DVR).  The light on the box doesn't light up to acknowledge that it recieved a command.  It's very frustrating. 


I tried new batteries in the remote, but that didn't solve it.  I even upgraded to a Harmony 880 remote, but I still have the issues.  So I've determined it's not the remote.


I suppose it could be interference in my room, but none of my other devices in my entertainment center experience this.  I mean, maybe rarely, but with the Verizon box, it happens constantly.


Also, I could have my arm completely still, and 1 click gets registered and the next one does not.


What can Verizon do to help?  Is there only solution going to be sending me a new set tob box?  Do they give away some kind of remote control boosters or something? 


Is this a common complaint?


It's frustrating enough that I'm about to cancel service as soon as my contract is up.


Thanks for the help!

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Re: Remote Clicks Often Not Registering

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You are not the first to experience this, I have seen similar reports on various FiOS forums, and I have it with my 6416 DVR. My SD STBs do not exhibit the same problem, even using the remote that I usually use with the DVR, and remotes that I usually use with the SD boxes have the problem with the DVR. So the problem is with the DVR, not the remotes.


I have had FiOS TV for over three years, including the DVR, and I don't remember this problem when I first got the DVR, so I think that it started with one of the new versions of the IMG (but of course my memory may be faulty). I have never reported the problem to Verizon, I have just learned to live with it, it's second nature now. And I guess I am so happy with the HD picture quality that I just cannot imagine cancelling the service over what I consider a minor issue like this - of course, your mileage may vary.


One thing I did find is to experiment with not pointing the remote directly at the DVR, or rotating the remote 90 degrees, it seems to help, at least at times. There is a a new release of the IMG supposedly coming out "soon", I am hopeful that it might improve the situation.


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Re: Remote Clicks Often Not Registering

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Thanks for the response Justin!


I don't remember it ever being this bad either. Maybe you're right and it is a bug.


You hit 500 to get the guide to jump forward only to realize that 5 wasn't registered leaving 00 on the stb. So now it jumps to channel 2 (the lowest channel). So you try again and now the last 0 wasn't registered giving you 50 on the stb. Panicking you quickly hit 0 again and again, but they don't register and so you jump to channel 50. But now your last 0 clicks are registered and you've got 00 again on the stub. But you don't realize this and you hit 5, so now you got 005, which it then jumps to.  It's crazy!  Seems worse with numbers than other buttons too.


I might try buying a remote blaster thing but I'd rather not spend $100+ only to find out that it was a bug that is fixed in 2 months, or that because it's a bug that this remote blaster thing doesn't fix it at all.  I also feel like Verizon should supply remote blasters or at least subsidize the cost since other things in my entertainment center aren't experiencing the issue.


 Maybe a Verizon rep could respond here as to whether it's an official bug or not.

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Re: Remote Clicks Often Not Registering

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Same problem here in Fl with the remote. I have had the same DVR for two weeks now, actually swapped out the DVR for another a week ago, and the remote is horrible as the DVR will only respond to maybe 70% of the commands and I am no more than 4 feet from it. Tried another remote and new batteries same issue. Both Verizon remotes work fine on the digital SD box I have in the bedroom. I have never experienced this issue before with any other devices and I have had a few from Brighthouse to DirecTV to DVD players.


Hey, the HD sure looks good though.


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Re: Remote Clicks Often Not Registering

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I'm also experiencing this problem, not as severly as you are.  I thought it was that I wasn't pushing the buttons hard enough or that maybe my remote was going bad.  However, I just got another box from Verizon to fix another problem with a new remote and it does the same thing.  Although I wish it wasn't happening, I'm glad to hear that others are experiencing this problem.  Now I know it's not my fingers!  And maybe Verizon can fix the problem too.  Wouldn't that be nice.
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Re: Remote Clicks Often Not Registering

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Okay, so maybe the problem isn't with me. I need to be much less self loathing!!!! Smiley Wink


 It is just something I learned to deal with.


I use a Harmony One in the living room.

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Re: Remote Clicks Often Not Registering

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I too experienced this issue that has been explained on my new DVR.  I called Verizon Tech Support, and the tech was not aware of this problem.  I referred him to this website so he could see the complaints.  He kept me on the line and had someone else look into, they suggested sending a command to my STB.  Once that was done the problem seemed to clear up.  I asked him was sent, and he just said a software update.  Whatever it was seemed to do the trick.  So if you are still experiencing this it's worth giving them a call 1-888-553-1555

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