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Remote control stopped controlling Set Top Box

Remote control stopped controlling Set Top Box

Contributor jjoyce2
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My Fios Remote stopped controlling the QIP7100-2 Set Top Box.  The remote still controls the TV I'm using, so I suspect the problem is in the STB rather than the remote control.   I replaced the batteries in the remote control and I used Verizon on-screen support to send a reset command to the STB and there was no change


I've requested a replacement remote, so the question "is it the remote or stb?" will be settled when it arrives, I expect.


Has anyone experienced a failure in the STB where the remote control fails but all other features of the STB apparently work?



Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Below is my trouble-shooting guide for your issue.


If I'm understanding you correctly, your issue is that your remote control with new batteries functions to control your TV, but not your STB.


First, make sure that there is no physical obstruction between your remote control and the front of the STB. The remote control functions on the infrared spectrum which is direct line-of-sight only.


I have read that certain TV displays can disrupt remote control reception. Try placing the remote directly in front of the STB while shielding it from the TV display (just use your hand or a book). If this cures the problem then you may have to place your STB a little farther from your TV until it functions properly.


The next thing to determine is which type of remote you have. Does it have two power buttons at the top or one power button and four device buttons? Two power button controls are set to control the STB at all times. Four-device remotes must be put into STB control mode by pressing the STB button (make sure it lights when pressed).


If you know that you are in STB mode, the next thing to check is if the remote control lights when buttons are pressed. If the remote control displays no lights when buttons are pressed, then the control may be dirty inside. Opening and cleaning it is an option, but even after removing its screw it is likely that you will break some of the plastic clips while prying it open. And you need to know basic things like using alcohol and cottons swabs on electronics and making sure you thoroughly dry the washed silicone button contacts before reassembly. (This part is usually too much for most people which is why you purchase a new remote.)


The last step is to see if the STB displays an LED light on its front panel in response to remote commands. If an LED blinks on the STB each time you press a button, then the STB is receiving the command, which means that the malfunction is probably in the box, not the remote. If the remote control lights when buttons are pressed, but there is no front panel LED response, then the issue could be either a damaged remote or a bad box.


As you have said, you will know when the new remote arrives.

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Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Try rebooting the box (unplug the power).Sometimes box will hang and will be resolved by rebooting the box.This will fix if any software issues .

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