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Removed Channels Keep Reappearing on Favorites List

Removed Channels Keep Reappearing on Favorites List

Contributor flight1
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I've discovered posts going back to 2008 where people were having the same problem. I've talked to people recently who live in different areas in SE Pa, they all have this issue. I had 10 troble free years, that stopped last summer, been thru dozens of calls, etc., all I ever got were non-answers about the problem, when it will be fixed and even if it can be fixed.


I can't believe they don't have at least 1 competant programer that can fix this on-going issue of over a decade for many subscribers.


Maybe Fios has been hacked and no longer in control of their own software.

Contributor MBlaster
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I have a remedy that works for me.  I cancelled all my favorites which totals only about 8 channels.  I keep my ipad with me when I am watching TV.  I list my favorites in the  notes app of my ipad and when I want to go from channel to channel I just look at the channels on my ipad and key the in.  It only takes an extra 5 seconds, plus it will kick Verizon in the behind for trying to push channels on us that we don’t want.  It might not work for you but it works for me.

Contributor blackbird
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Somrting calaled "newsy" has appeared on my Favorites listiing.  I did not put it there.  How do I get rid of it?  It won't go awayi the usual way via options.  

Copper Contributor Buddy
Copper Contributor
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I've had the same problem for years.  First Favorites 2 behaved badly.  I was able to recover it a few times by deleting everything and resetting the box; but that stopped working last year.  Favorites 2 would randomly add hundreds of stations and delete them w/o any pattern that I can see.  In the last month, it has stayed empty.  A good sign, but I don't dare use it.  Once I gave up on Favorites 2, Favorites 1 started to have issues.  It likes to add station 363, sometimes 362, 310 and a few others like 819.  Lately, they appear in the guide, but not when I channel flip or in settings.  I've found in the last 3 weeks I've found that there are several stations that can't be added by any method.  Oddly, it's 362, 363 and 613.  I had 613 on Favorites 1 and it just dropped off 1 day.  I can get the station, but it can't be a favorite (1 or 2). 


I associate this issue with changes in the Verizon line-up of stations.  Everytime Verizon is adding or deleting a station, the Favorites Virus blows up.


This problem seems to be an an issue with the way the programming uses the memory location where Favorites are stored.  Different parts of the programs read and write to the area in different ways.  Should be easy to identify and fix, but Verizon has been letting this one continue for at least 11 years.   Maybe some of the changes I've seen in the last weeks is an indication that someone will fix this.

Copper Contributor ralph2018
Copper Contributor
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Going on 4 months. still not working.

I have tried resetting everything. Nothing works, I have finally gave up on Verizon fixing this. and just deleted the Favs. they keep coming back!!!.

Very poor service coming from this company.....


Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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It's getting worse, I now have three channels that won't go away, and two of them say, "This channel has been removed." Yeah, right. I'm guessing Verizon really doesn't give a ---- about this issue.

Contributor ziklag
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I have had the same problem. Each time we have to get a new STB and it is good for a while then the channels just start showing up. Verizon's solution is a new box. 

Contributor oi-sze
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Yet another similar/same issue. We have FIOS at this NJ address since early 2013. Same type of receiver, Motorola over the time just changed once long time ago in 2015 as it died. Up to now, 2019, both Fav1 and Fav2 kept without any attention, adding new channels that we got over time atomatically and removing those Verizon removed from lineup but not affecting anything else. Since early in 2019 on both Favs it started about weekly making minor changes that make no sense, removing typically channels 517 and 619 that we are actually subscribed to and adding 608 and 613 which we are not. It did similar minor changes with some other channels but not always. About a week ago it started to do way, way more&damaging and not on a weekly but daily/hourly basis: it would replace complete Favs list with a very small and seemingly random choice which includes both some channels we are subscribed and some that we are not. Resetting and replacing the lists make no change, soon Favs are butchered again. Verizon, please fix this!

Contributor Boobtube
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My Favorites keep on getting populated with channels I didn't add, and don't want. These channels keep on coming back even if I delete them from Favorites. If this is done with Verizon Corporate permission, I probably can't do anything about it since  it  would probably be allowed in Verizon Terms of Service. However, I'm thinking this can be something more sinister. Perhaps Fios Favorites are harvested from our STBs and used to compute advertising rates for the cable networks. What if certain Fios technicians are being paid bribes to add these unwanted "pirate" channels and thus pump up the advertising revenues for them? If that's the case, Verizon corporate, the FCC, and the FTC would certainly be interested in starting an investigation. Right?


Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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That would first require Verizon to read these posts.

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