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Roku box

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Roku box

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Can you program the Roku remote into the Verizon FIOS remote?



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Re: Roku box

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Hey nbell8, you have to search the remote control manual for a code to program a Motorola equipment most remote control manufacturers do have a code for Motorola equipment. 

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Re: Roku box

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Like you, I also don't see the Roku listed in the "Verizon FIOS TV Remote Control" pamphlet. You could try the "What if none of the codes Worked?" section and use AUX as the device type, which would probably take quite a long time. As a last resort, call the folks at Roku and ask if they use another brand's codes for their remote. As a very last resort, buy a learning/programmable remote, set it for all other devices including Verizon's and program the Roku's buttons into that. Amazon (online retailer) has a few for under 15 bucks.


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