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You know how something changes or gets 'upgraded'; and not for the better?  That's what's happened with the latest Verizon update; the guide is not as easy to view, (the color contrast and the layout is not as good as it was before); it is maddeningly SLOW---when you delete or switch channels or open the DVR content to access recorded programs, etc. it is so slow to respond.  VERY FRUSTRATING, especially when it wasn't like that prior to the change.  It's so slow to respond, you find yourself repeating the command again because you think maybe you didn't actually push the button on the remote; then it kicks you out because you had in fact pushed it but there's such a lag now, the double action cancels the initial action.  FRUSTRATING & ANNOYING!!!  (I agree with the adage 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.  But for sure don't make it worse!)


I used to always tell coworkers and others how good Fios is but am not so impressed since this change.


Oh, and FearNet has gone away; I understand it's been absorbed into Comcast.  I think Verizon should make Chiller a free channel to take the place of FearNet; this is the only channel of this genre but of course, it's a subscribed station.


I remain a loyal Verizon customer, still feel it's the BEST cable provider, but am really frustrated and disappointed with the recent change.

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Are you talking about regular FIOS service or the new Quantum service?  Because Quantum users have been complaining about these issues for a long time and most of the updates have steadily aimed at  improving the problems - yet they still exist to some annoying extent.


It  makes me wonder if Verison implemented some new sweeping  software "upgrade" to all their services?  or are you just now seeing the problems with Quantum that you'll find many  posts here complaining about?

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