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SD override settings do not stick

SD override settings do not stick

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I've had my 2 HD DVRs for several months now, and believe myself to be prretty familiar with most of the settings and capabilities.


I have not been able to set the SD override to any setting other than 480i and have that setting retained.


In the video settings menu, for SD Override, there are three settings:

(1) With SD Override OFF, the STB sends ALL CHANNELS (HD and SD) in 1080i (the SD channels are upconverted);

(2) When set at 480i, the STB sends the signal for SD channels in 480i, and the HD channels in 1080i;

(3) When set at 480p, the STB sends the signal for SD channels in 480p, and the HD channels in 1080i.


I prefer to set the STB to output 1080i all of the time (setting (1) above), since when the SD channels are NOT unconverted to 1080i, the STB experiences long delays whenever switching between SD and HD channels as the HDMI handshake has to be re-established.  When you have the SD channels upconverted in the STB, the output 1080i signals results in faster channels switching.


HOWEVER, whever I set the SD output override to 480p or OFF, it "keeps" the setting for as long as the STB remains on, and the next time I turn the STB on, it has reverted to 480i.


How can I make my SD override setting "stick" and not reset to 480i by itself?

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I agree with you about preferring the SD Override set to OFF, and that is the way I have had mine set up for over three years. I have never experienced losing the SD setting like that, and I have temporarily changed it many times just to see what would happen, because a number of people have complained about it and I wanted to see if I could reproduce the problem. No luck.


A few thoughts/questions:


1) Have you tried setting it through the DVR hardware menu? Should not make any difference doing it that way, but then again....


2) Do you have a home theater system? If so, is the HDMI from the DVR connected to it and then to the TV, or directly to the TV? I am pretty sure that many of the people that experience this problem have the HDMI connection to the home theater box, and for some reason are unable to get the home theater receiver to do the HDMI handshake to result in a 720p or 1080i agreement.


3) Have you tried leaving the DVRs on? I do leave mine on all of the time, although in the testing I mentioned above I did turn it off also. But I reset the remote to turn on and off the DVR and the TV separately, primarily because I would fairly frequently get only one device to turn on, then I had to go through gyrations to get the other one on while keeping the first one on. Just a pain...and there is virtually no power savings by turning the DVR off, the electronics are basically all on all the time anyway.


4) The DVRs default to a 480i setting for SD when the HDMI negotiation can't agree (at least I think that is how it works). Is there possibly any setting in your TVs that would affect the HDMI negotiation? I have never found one in my Sony TV, but every manufacturer seems to want to do things differently, maybe yours does.


Sorry I don't have any answers, but maybe some of the above will help.


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Bronze Contributor II
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Thanks, Justin, but none of that SHOULD make a difference.


Both of my HD DVR's are connected to receivers and thence to TVs - one Onkyo/Panasonic, the other Pioneer/Sharp, so a bunch of different brands, and the only common item is the Motorola box.  I gather from reading these fora that what you say is correct (connection through an HDMI receiver/switcher messes up teh HDMI handshake), but that to me is a design flaw in the Motorola box that Verizon should insist get fixed.


I have three other sources feeding my Onkyo receiver via HDMI, and some have varying outputs (Blu-Ray player can output various ways depending on what the source disc is) and all of the gear works happily together.  It is only the Motorola STB that refuses to "remember" its setting, so I don't believe that one can reasonably suggest that it is the fault of any other piece of equipment in my setup.


I understand that "what is" is "what is" and that you can't change it.  I'm just trying to get this in the record for Verizon to hopefully look into with Motorola.


On the other hand, perhaps leaving the box on is the simplest solution, since it consumes just as much energy either way.  (It just rubs me the wrong way to leave the box on)

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I'm almost positive this is a bug introduced with the latest 1.6.2 firmware.  Mine has been fine for the year I've had FiOS up until the 1.6.2 upgrade.  Now my DVR won't keep the SD Overide setting permanent.  It will be reverted back to 480i once the DVR is turned off or during one of the random resets (once every few days).


Pretty frustrating, but I'm certain this is a known issue and will hopefully be addressed with the next firmware release.

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