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STB Signal Stength Issues - 7100 vs. 6200

STB Signal Stength Issues - 7100 vs. 6200

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I had 4 – 7100 STBs installed recently (all STB are in a remote equipment rack in a different part of the house from the TVs). Two of them died almost immediately. Verizon shipped two replacements. One was a 7100. The other was a 6200. The 6200 would not work in my system but the new 7100 worked correctly. Verizon sent a replacement for the 6200. Despite my request they send another 7100, I received another 6200 which also did not work. My structured cable designer/installer tested everything and concluded the 6200 lacks sufficient signal strength to drive the remote TV. This was confirmed by switching the 6200 to feed the working TV and the 7100 to feed the inoperative TV. Doing so reversed the problem. Also, a Blu-Ray DVD player worked correctly from the remote location to both TVs. The problem is clearly the 6200. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Lastly, Verizon told me they no longer ship nor support the 7100 due to a history of problems. However, this weekend my son had a complete Verizon install at a new house and, yes, 7100 STBs were installed. Is anyone able to help me sort all of this out??

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