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STB problem? HD-DVR

STB problem? HD-DVR

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I've had my HD DVR (6416-2) for about a year and it has worked well. Lately I've been having a problem when I first turn it on.  When I turn it on and it's on an HD channel, I get nothing...blank (black) screen and no audio.  If I change the channel I still get get nothing BUT if I change the channel to an SD channel it will start working.  Once it starts working it will tune all channels, SD or HD.  This seems to only occur after the box is off for several hours.  If I turn the box off for several minutes and then turn it on everything seems to work just fine.  Perhaps this box is on it's way out?  Several months ago I had this box in the bedroom and it would squeak...I guess the hard drive was making a squeaking noise.  I have since moved this STB into my den and I just don't notice if it still squeaks as the den can be pretty noisy.  Any suggestions?  BTW  I did reboot the STB and the problem still occurs. 



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This may seem like a dumb answer, but I never leave my box on an HD channel after I shut it. I sometimes had problems also. I shut it off on an SD channel.
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I'm having a very similar problem on my FIOS setup. Sometimes I turn on the TV with a HD channel selected and I'll get audio but no video. If I click on the Guide, the menu guide displays fine but the small picture window stays dark. Only if I go to another channel do I see the video and then I can return to the original problem channel with video display now working. At times, when the video returns, it'll just black out again, forcing me to toy with channel changing to get it back. I suspect it's the HD Box but I'm curious to hear from others if it's an issue with them. This isn't an STB vs HD issue, because I can flip between HD channels to get it working again.


I'll need to follow up with support to see what's going on.

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