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It would also be really nice if I didn't have to use Favorites to filter down to Subscribed HD channels. I realize you want me to see all the channels I'm "missing out on" by not subscribing to a more expensive channel package, but it really is MY experience and I'd like it to:


(a) stay consistent (stop resetting my guide view please); and

(b) be customizable (let me filter by 2 criteria, such as Subscribed Channels and HD, instead of having to choose to either see channels I don't pay for if I filter by HD, or see SD channels I don't care about if I filter by Subscribed).


Is this difficult? Am I missing something? I've been all through the menu and don't see an "stop resetting guide view" option (I did find the "quit with the annoying popup messages" setting, thanks for that).



Contributor RedMike512
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God, I wish there was some way to reliably only show the channels we get.  I keep thinking I have all kinds of stuff to watch, but once I figure out I don't get most of the channels on the DVR, there's nothing.  I'm seriously considering dropping my service because it's ridiculous they can't give me a real channel listing.

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Bronze Contributor II
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I'm afraid that you would  have to use Favorites to get what you want, and also disable "Last Viewed Guide State."

When I first got FiOS, I was furious that my list of Subscribed channels included channels that I would have to pay extra for.  After ranting and raving and stewing in my anger for a while, I found a way to solve the problem for myself.    Of course, Verizon should give us a reliable and accurate channel listing, and maybe if we complain enough they'll change it someday, but in the meantime, here's what I did.  It takes a little time, but to me, it was definitely worth it.

I set my Favorites lists for only the channels I want to see.  If you use the Subscribed list, it probably has many channels that you will never watch and will want to eliminate. My Extreme package also includes channels that are available to me IF I want to pay extra for them, and I really don't want to see them listed whenever I look at the schedule or scroll through the channels, so I took those out as well.    I found Justin's IMG Guide very helpful for this.   He also explains how to set up "Toggle by Favorites," in case you've been wondering how to do that.  You can find a link to the Guide at the end of the first message on this Forum page: http://tinyurl.com/6pslekg .When you open the PDF, go to page 17,  "Exploiting FiOS TV Favorites."

Then I DISABLED "Last Viewed Guide State," which I had come upon by chance one day while I was looking for something else.  It's at  Menu>TV Listings>Settings>Last Viewed Guide State.  If you go to the very bottom of that list, you can choose ENABLE or DISABLE.  

Using Justin's Guide, I've set the Channel Guide to show my Favorites list by default.  Now, because I disabled Last Viewed Guide State, even if I look at another list of channels, the next time I open the Channel Guide it will always show my Favorites list.  When I use  + or -  on the remote now, I only scroll to the channels I've chosen.  (But I would always be able to watch an excluded channel by punching in its number.)

Describing this makes it sound much more complicated than it actually is, and it's actually kind of fun.  I have to warn you, however, that for some reason my solution doesn't seem to work for everyone.  I hope that it works for you, as it does make life much easier.  And it's nice not to be angry anymore.  Good luck!

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The issue here for me is that favorites won't survive a box re-initialization which I've had to go through multiple times to clear various issues. That means I go to all the work of setting up the favorites to do that and I lose it. Frankly, Verizon is never going to make it easy to have only the subscribed stuff show--they want you to see all the stuff you're missing so you'll subscribe. The fact that it doesn't work for us and annoys us isn't really incentive enough. Dick
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