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Samsung 50inch plasma "hp-s5073" video cuts out with Motorola HD DVR "QIP6416-2"

Samsung 50inch plasma "hp-s5073" video cuts out with Motorola HD DVR "QIP6416-2"

Location: Southern California

Hello Community,


I've done a bit of searching online and I've had no luck trying to fix my issue. I have a 50inch HD TV Samsung plasma model - hp-s5073 - and a Verizon FIOS Motorola HD DVR model - QIP6416-2.


The issue at hand is that after about 30mins of watching T.V on my plasma the video cuts out but the sound stays on. I've switched it from HDMI to component and it does the same thing. I've checked the Samsung website to see if there were any firmware updates for my T.V and there aren't any. I've called verizon about 3 times and they sent me 2 DVR's ( Verizon FIOS Motorola HD DVR model - QIP6416-2)  and I'm currently on my third one with the same problem. I have also tried using a standard receiver Motorola QIP-2500-3 and the same EXACT thing happens it cuts out after 30 mins. 


I've only had FIOS T.V since June 19th 2009, before that I had direct T.V with a HD DVR and never had a problem


I've exhausted pretty much every outlet tying to find a fix.. no luck.


I would appreciate any input / fixes you guys have had worked for you.

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how do you mean it cuts out,  is the video dropping and you can hear audio, do both audio and video drop, and or does your tv turn itself off?       samsung has a firmware patch for the hdmi issue, but if you are switching to component and also a sd box, then you shouldn't have to worry about that or that firmware.
Location: Southern California
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When it cuts out the screen goes black.. can't see anything but I can hear the audio. I set up a ps3 with hdmi and there were no issues with it while watching a DVD. The audio is still on, but the video isn't. I've been using the component and on a HD box it cuts out and a SD box and it cuts out on that.


As a matter of fact the video cut out on the HD box with the component plugged in. I turned it on at 4:10 and it's been running since now.


Where are these firmware updates at? I checked samsungs site and didn't see anything specific to my tv model.





Location: nj
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What you might need to do is on your remote hit the menu button.  Scroll down to settings then select video settings and then select video format.  If your tv is set to 1080i change it to 720p and that should do it.   The stbs are not able to handle the 1081 format.  Hopefully they will soon have a 1080p option but that is just wishful thinking. 


oh fyi if you have the multi room dvr make sure you do this on all your tvs otherwise you may experience a continuation of your issue. 

Location: Southern California
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ear81, I tried wht you suggsted and the video still went out on it but the audio was playing... any other ideas?


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Well, from the sounds of it. You have tried HDMI, component, and either composite/coax (you didnt say which but those are all the 2500's can use). You've tried 3 differnet DVR's and one 2500 and have had the same problem on all. I'd say its your tv. I'd call samsung at this point. The fact that you didnt have a problem with direct tv is moot. Your having the problem now and from your own post, you've pretty much eliminated Verizon as the issue.  The chances of having 4 different cable boxes (even different model numbers) having the exact same issue is so remote that if it does turn out to be them you better buy a lottery ticket fast. No, at this point I'd say its time to contact Samsung.


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Hi, just saw your posting. This happened to me this morning. All was fine, and after about 15 - 20, the screen went black. Audio was fine. I have a Toshiba Regza, 32HL67, not sure what HD/DVR box I have. I've only had the FIOS for about 3 weeks. When I turn the TV off, then back on, the picture flashes for about a second, then goes black again. I was going to replace the HDMI cable, but it sounds like that's not going to solve the problem. Have you found a solution yet?
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Gail, before you replace your HDMI cable. try two things first.


1. Power cycle your STB. (unplug it from electric for 30 seconds and plug it back in)

2. If you have another HDMI port on the tv try moving the cable to that one.


His issue is likely another issue altogether, He is have problems with multiple boxes and multiple connections. Yours may simply be an issue with the box needing to be rebooted. If so the power cycle will help and should hopefully solve your issue.


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thank you. That's what I did last night. Twice. Finally called Verizon and they had me pull out the main cable to the box from the wall and shut it down again. They also advised me to replace the HDMI cable with a component cable (red, green, blue). I was concerned that that would degrade the picture, and he assured me it wouldn't. To be honest, I was not impressed with the man I spoke to last night. He sounded like he really wished he were somewhere else. I will try moving the HDMI cable to the other set of inputs and see if that solves the problem. If not, I'll try the component cable. (which came with the TV) I've had Comcast cable for the last 2 years with this TV and never had a problem. I'm wondering if there is some capability issue with the FIOS.
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Well the good news is that "technically" there will be no signal degradation by using the component cables. Component cables can handle up to 1080i signals. Now only the HDMI can handle the 1080p but since Verizon doesnt broadcast in p yet, it shouldnt matter.


Now on a personal level some people claim that HDMI looks better. I personally think that component cables look better. I think it gives a richer more vibrant color. But thats just me. I think this is likely a tv issue. some tv's look better using one rather than the other. cant hurt to try.


The only compatibility issue that is known (or at least widely admitted to) is with Samsung TV's. Although if I remember right there was one Sony model and one Toshiba model from about 3 years ago that had the HDMI chip set made by Samsung for them that caused those two models to have issues as well. I'm sorry I dont remember the models but I know that the same solution of using the component cables fixed those two models as well.

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