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Samsung Smart TV FiOS App not working

Samsung Smart TV FiOS App not working

Contributor Ratedque
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It seems to definetly be a certificate / firmware update issue. The same thing happened with the Sirius XM app on older model Samsung TVs, which is odd it works on my newer one just fine.  I have noticed though that the Fios App has removed itself from both of my tvs as of yesterday.

Contributor Brains
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Same with my samsung smart tv.... and after an update seen on the screen mine got deleted. tried to install again and search for FIOS or Verizon Fios in Samsung Apps, you cannot find it no more. I thought it was just on my TV, called Samsung Support but they tried looking for it and it still not there. I called my brother who has samsung smart tv also, tried to search FIOS, but not cannot find it. Tried it in the office, not there also.


Nobody seems to know from Samsung support, not sure if Verizon FIOS has some answer.


Try looking for the apps in Samsung Apps, it is not there....


Good Luck with Samsung...

Contributor phillra
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According to Verizon tech support they removed the app since Samsung was not working with them to resolve the problem.  He said that he is hoping Samsung is willing to work with them to get it added back.  When I called Samsung they were not aware of what Verizon was referring to... {edited for privacy}


Copper Contributor dscotten
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I wrote again to Samsung as well and they did not know what I was talking about. I told them I was selling my two TVs and maybe I will try comcast instead of Verizon in my area:-) I did reply to them and the letter keeps coming back to me:-)


This was Samsung's response to me:

<Thank you for contacting Samsung. Going by what you have written, I understand that you would like to know if the FIOS app is remove from the TV. Upon looking at your account, I see that you have UN40EH5300FXZA model TV. I see that this model TV is compatible with FiOS TV app. Once you click on the link below you will be able to open a window along with the list of the compatible devices for FiOS TV app:


If you are referring to a different model TV. Please provide me with the complete model code of the TV. You can find it on the rear/side panel of the TV. Or You can find the Model code by pressing the Menu >> Support>> Contact Samsung using the remote if the TV is a 2012 or 2013 or 2014 model. The model code of the TV generally starts with UN/PN/LN.

If you need further assistance Click on the live chat link where it states “For Immediate assistance with a live agent, you can chat with us here” and provide either the customer reference ID or response ID listed at the top of our email response. >

Contributor jdc_va_usmc
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After giving up on this for a while, I called Samsung AGAIN today and tried to speak to a manager.  I called back twice after getting escalated to remote support (with a 30 minute wait time), and FINALLY got a helpful tech who seemed to provide some good info.


It seems that Samsung released new Smart Hub software for the affected TVs around 19 November, and she said in the release notes it says it fixes the Verizon FIOS app.  She said this particular update had to be done via USB; it couldn't be done remotely or over the internet.  She took my address, and said Samsung is sending me a USB to update my TV.  She said it will come with instructions, but I should just be able to plug it in and it will automatically do the update.

So, if you're having this problem, try calling Samsung and asking for the USB update that is needed for your TV.  I probably won't get my USB in the mail until after this Thanksgiving weekend, so I will report back on how it works.


ETA:  Whatever Samsung did to cause this problem, it also broke connectivity to a workout site my wife uses called Daily Burn.  This TV is in our gym; I watched TV using the Verizon FiOS app, and my wife used the TV for her workouts, so Samsung has effectively rendered the TV useless to us.  Daily Burn tech support has been very responsive, and has also been trying to work with Samsung to resolve this.  They even refunded a month's worth of my wife's subscription fee.

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I am not sure if its the same Samsung fix but there is now an update for the Samsung on my TV's that I just downloaded from the TV.  The Fios app however does not appear yet after the install.  Perhaps it is coming shortly.

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I did the update as well.

It is the same verison number as the one listed in the link posted previously.

But I too can't get FIOS app in SmartHub search.

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Contributor python
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Where is the FIOS app on my Samsung Smart TV?  It was there but it is now gone.  Searching doesn't find it.  What is the problem and when will it be fixed? I just purchased this TV planning to use it without a STB  (hopefully this will be answered by a Verizon support tech)

Contributor nb2a
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After spending more than two hours on the phone with Verizon I see a song and dance taking place here. First they claim no knowledge of this and after calling getting a supervising tech who happens to have the same issue with a samsung tv for a few weeks there is a known problem. Verizon blames Samsung but I dont believe that. I think they are both at fault for not communicating with each other to resolve this.

If I am not even using the service with my install scheduled next week why would I want to even use this provider.

How does Verizon not read there own message boards? How does some of this say solved?

How does Samsung not expect to have these tvs returned for an installed app sold with a current tv not working out of the box?

Time to make this a news story at my TV station in New York.


Copper Contributor dscotten
Copper Contributor
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Many thanks to you and to others here. I also contacted Samsung again about the USB drive for eah of my sets (a 32 and a 40"). They directed me to their download page for the firmware which appeared to be outdated. The instructions were to download it onto your computer and then onto a USB flash drive and then insert it into the TV. The problem here is that it is a Windows only download. I, and probably others,  here, have a Mac OS.


Here are the instructions from the email. Perhaps they will help some of you? I will call them again today. The bottom line for me, anyway, is that this fix will not work, unless they do send me the USB drive.

<Thank you for contacting Samsung. With reference to your email, I understand that the FIOS TV app has been disappeared on your TV models UN40EH5300XZA and UN32EH5300. You would like to update the firmware on the TV to get this fixed. As a customer, I can understand your frustration with this. I would be glad to assist you in isolating the issue. Before going ahead with updating the firmware on the TV, please go to the options Menu >> Support >> Contact Samsung. The firmware version will be displayed as Software version.

For the TV model UN40EH5300XZA :

If the firmware version on the TV is less than 2002.3, follow the steps mentioned in the link below to update the firmware on the TV:


For the TV model UN32EH5300:

If the firmware version on the TV is less than 2002.3, follow the steps mentioned in the link below to update the firmware on the TV:


After performing the firmware update, if you still experience any issues, please get back to us so that we can assist you further with this.>

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