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Series recording issues

Series recording issues

Contributor CRDFilm
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Until recently, when I set my DVR to record a series on a cable channel, such as TLC, Discovery, etc., when the program in question is aired multiple times, I would set to record First Run Only.  On many occasions, the first run program would interfere with programming on a network channel that only aired one time so I would set the priority for the network programs first followed by the cable program, knowing that one would air again in a couple of hours.  The DVR would ignore the lowest priority program but would then record the next airing of that show.  This does not seem to be happening anymore.  If I set the cable program to record First Run and Repeats, then it will record every repeat of that episode instead of remembering that it was already recorded (like my old DirecTV DVR).  If I set to record First Run Only with Duplicates, the same thing happens.  Why doesn't the DVR only record one episode of a program and why does it no longer record the next available airing when set to First Run Only?  I realize the second airing is technically a repeat, so how do I get it to record just a single episode of a particular show based on my choices of First Run Only; First Run Only with duplicates; First Run and Repeats; and First Run and Repeats with duplicates?  It doesn't make sense to keep recording the same show over and over again if that episode is already on the DVR.  I know Tivo and DirecTV DVRs keep a reocrd of what has been recorded so this doesn't happen.  Can Verizon not figure out how to do this?  As it stands now, I have to check my scheduled programming several times a day and delete duplicate episodes of the same show from my schedule, and it's really annoying.  It seems like there was an update to the DVR recently, and since then the series programming option has been totally screwed up.

Copper Contributor Rebalol
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I was having that problem, too, and used to have direct also so know exactly what you are talking about. Very frustrating!


What I have found is pick the later time for the cable show and choose to record at that time only.  Keep it at first run and repeats or it won't record that second showing (or whatever number it is) becasue it is a repeat.  I always double check just in case to make sure i'm getting all the episodes (in fact I do that a lot since I don't trust FIOS).



Contributor CRDFilm
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Thanks, I'll give that a try.  I do have to check my programmed recordings all the time now to make sure I'm not getting duplicates (or to make sure a show is set).  I'm even running into a problem with some shows that the guide won't even recognize the actual first run, so I have to set First Run and Repeats and then I get the same episode set to record multiple times a day!  Of course, that means I have to manually set each episode every week now instead of recording the series automatically.  I know this is not an actual problem with the hardware but Verizon needs to find a new supplier for their guide information and fast before people start switching to other services.  I've been a FiOS customer since October, and this is a relatively new problem but it's one that is annoying enough to make me consider switching my service when my contract is up if this continues.

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