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Set Box Top Won't Turn On

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Set Box Top Won't Turn On

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I have Verizon Fios with a set box top and DVR for two rooms. The bedroom box top and tv and working fine but the living room box top won't even turn on. It was flashing a number for a while until I unplugged it completely and when I plugged it back in, the screen that usually displays the time and channels was completely black. I unplugged the router and cords, tried various outlets and even switched the circuits on and off to try and reboot, but it is still not working.


Is there a code that can be sent to the box to reset it? Because nothing else seems to be working.

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Re: Set Box Top Won't Turn On

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I assume you are aware is takes a few minutes after you apply power to the unit before it is ready for use. However if after several minutes you don't get the Time of Day Display, there are two possible scenario's.

1). The box cannot communicate with Verizon. Each time the box powers up, it needs to talk to Verizon's Servers. If it cannot, it won't do anything useful. Has the box ever worked from the coax it is now connected too? (If not, the coax that feeds it may not be connected to the splitter, and isn't really connected).

2). The box itself is broken. It happens now and then.


The number that flashes is a diagnostic code. If you wrote it down, or can get it to display again,you can call Verizon to find out what it means.


However case 1 (cannot connect to the Network)  is more likely, and you might want to make sure re-connect the coax to the box, and inspect the connector to make sure it is intact, and you might also want to go back to the splitter and make sure the coax is connected and the connector and connection are good. IF the box cannot connect to Verizon, Verizon cannot reset it either. However unplugging the box, waiting 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in is roughly equivalent to a Verizon reset.


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