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Set Top Box Resetting Itself?

Set Top Box Resetting Itself?

Contributor Jimmy07071
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I have been a customer of Verizon Fios since Nov 5 of 2008.  I switched from Comcast because they were less than Comcastic!  Im startin to re-think that move...


Wife and I keep the TV on during the night as we fall asleep.  I woke up at 4AM and my TV was on but my box was off.  I figured one of us rolled over on the remote.  I turned the box back on and began watching the overnight news.  5 minutes later, the box turned itself off again.  Here is what I heard and saw.....


I heard a click and the box went off.  The display went from 4:15 to blank for 2 seconds to 8.8:8.8 for 4 seconds to duI (I dont know if it was a 1 or an i) for 2 seconds then I heard another click and the display went to blank for 2 seconds to channel 513 to another click which then I assume finished what it was doing because the box was in the "OFF" mode.  I sat there for 5 minutes and the bpx never went back on.  I hit the power button and it went on and it was on channel 513. 


I checked the system info and it was still on the same release of 1.6.0 and build of 06.89.


what is going on?  I did not check any of the other 2 TV's and STB's.  I will do that later when I get up.  Im going back to bed.





PS....This is the only box in the house where I could not get HDNET and ESPNHD to play.  Sometimes it worked but most of the time, I kept getting the old channel unavailable message.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Users in both VHO7 (North Jersey) and VHO8 (S. Jersey, SE PA, and N. DE) reported the same issue this morning.  It's like Verizon was trying to push a firmware update that never went.  I am in SE PA and had the same thing around 5:20 AM.
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Contributor Jimmy07071
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Thnx Keyboards.  I read many posts over the web and it seemed like that is what it may have been.  I just hope they either stop it or push it through because I had a show scheduled to record at 6Am and it did not because the box was out. 


My other boxes were both on this morning and still at the same firmware and build. 


Contributor waxman
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It happened to me also, my living room set top box reset itself at 2am on 12/1.  I went to bed and tried to watch t-v

and that set top box restet itself 8 times in 20 minute intervals.  Nobody was available at Verizon, I was on hold 1/2

hour.  I called Verizon and the tech I spoke with claimed no to know what i was talking about.  I am a fios customer

for about a year now and this happens frequently.  I also live in s/e Pa Langhorne and am a former comcast customer

I told verizon why i left comcast and now verizon is becoming comcast at an alarming rate.  It's pretty bad when you've

committed repair's number to memory. 


Contributor steve3650
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I've been a FIOS customer since January, 2008 and my experience with the STB resets has been similar to everyone else.  Despite the frustration of having the STB crash during primetime, DVR recordings and Verizon's constant denial of knowledge of the problem; your issues should decrease over time.  At least that's how my experience has been over the past year.  The first couple of months the STB would reset quite frequently, sometimes one or more times per day, sometimes every couple days.  For a period of time the STB resets were actually predictable, once a week, same day of the week, same time of day.  After the first 6 months, the frequency dropped off to the current once a month or so, which is still annoying, but not too disruptive.


When I first became a customer, I read through a bunch of message boards regarding this issue and it is almost certainly Verizon pushing software and firmware updates to the STB to keep it up-to-date.  Why they can't do that much less frequently, I don't know.  But, they did recently issue a message on the digital program guide that says essentially: "Your service has received a minor service update.  This may cause your equipment to automatically reset itself.  This is a standard occurrence and not a technical concern.  Once the reset completes, normal television should resume."  This was the first acknowledgement I've seen from Verizon that the update/STB reset issue is in fact common to its customers. 

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