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Set Top Box Shutting Down

Set Top Box Shutting Down

Copper Contributor CLW
Copper Contributor
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I have recently started experiencing a problem with the set top box shutting down.  This only occurs when I have the TV guide screen displayed and am using the various keys to navigate the guide.


At times, the TV picture disappears and then reappears after 20 - 30 seconds.  At other times it completely shuts down and has to be powered back up in order to view the TV picture.


Wondering if others have experienced this issue and know the fix.  Note:  I have not yet contacted Technical Support, but will do so if that seems to be the appropriate course of action.





Employee Employee
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Good evening C.,


Do you have a few moments to send us a private message with your account # and the serial # for the box you're having this issue with?  My team would like to investigate and see what we can do to fix/replace this box for you Smiley Happy



Copper Contributor CLW
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎01-09-2012
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In a chat session with Verizon Support, the set top box was reset.  They also had me reset the router.  So far the problem has not occured again - hopefully that corrected it.


Many thanks for the response -- will get back if the problem occurs aga9in.



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My DVR shuts off during the night. Is there a way to set it so this doesnt happen?

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