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Signal Booster Causing Problems

Signal Booster Causing Problems

Copper Contributor generet
Copper Contributor
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Can someone out there explain how the following can happen. After initially receiving FIOS for HDTV, I was experiencing no audio,video or functionality problems. Suddenly I was unable to connect to the server for PPV or use the select function to browse. "Server not available" was the screen message. A FIOS tech assessed that weak signal was causing the router to not stay current with the guide and also prevented server connectivity. He replaced the router and installed a Motorola signal booster which not only solved the problem but increased my internet speed and picture quality . However, after he left I discovered HD channels 900 and up and 750 were not viewable. "Not Available" was the screen message. How can the signal booster selectively prevent receiving certain channels. A FIOS tech is coming back today as all efforts by the office to re-boot and send authorization codes and tests failed. HELP!!!!
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Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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If a FIOS tech is on his/her way, let them do their job. I am surprised to see a signal booster placed on the line. Many FIOS installs are too hot and need to be attenuated. This one is just the opposite.


Could be a splitter, or the quality of the cable and/or connectors. Post the results after the tech leaves. If you still have an issue, I am sure you will get many constructive suggestions.

Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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If your line needs a booster the tech should be using a PDI Moca booster not a Motorola cable booster.
Copper Contributor generet
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎09-08-2008
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A happy ending. Two FIOS techs arrived and replaced a 15 foot run of cable from a splitter that I had installed (signal loss), and reduced signal strenghth to the router as it was too hot with the PDI MOCA power booster. Somehow this combination solved both the failure to be able to connect to the server, and reinststed channels over 900. Go fugure. The logic of needing both a booster and a reducer does not compute.  
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