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Slow Set Top Box Responses New Fios Quantum Box

Slow Set Top Box Responses New Fios Quantum Box

Copper Contributor phillyjeff
Copper Contributor
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This is related to how the code was written inside the STB and without rewriting the entire firmware base code, which wont happen, this will never get fixed. I would dump Verizon but my only option is Comcast and I refuse to subscribe to Comcast

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I power off my systems once a week to prevent this from happening.


I suspect a memory leak as this incrementally gets worse over a weeks time.

Contributor GJR
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Registered: ‎04-04-2013
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We just replaced two regular Fios boxes with quantum and we are having this same issue, one year since the last post here. Commands from the remote are extremely slow- even going up and down the on-screen guide is slow. Has anyone found a permanent fix? If not, I'll go back to the previous version.

Gold Contributor II Gold Contributor II
Gold Contributor II
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About the only suggestion I have is make sure you turn off a bunch of options such as Promotions, that add time to certain functions. 

My boxes normally worked quite fast for most functions while I was with Verizon and still do now that I am with Frontier.

Contributor GJR
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Thanks for your reply. I'll try that, but there's one strange thing I noticed. On the older box, the software seemed newer... in the last month or two there was an update that changed the on-screen guide fonts and things looked cleaner, but this new box has the older interface. When I installed it there was a notice about a mandatory update it needed to self-install, and it did, but it still looks like the older guide interface.  

Gold Contributor II Gold Contributor II
Gold Contributor II
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The Quantum boxes have been getting more frequent updates, including one quite recent.  And the numbering scheme is unrelated to the other boxes.  The interface is mostly based on HTML5 while the others are not.


Not sure which box currently has the more recent "appearance" changes for the quide.


As I mentioned I am now Frontier, and although they and Verizon have mostly made the same changes, they may have started to be different.

Contributor JR3
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Mine started over a year ago.

Most frustrating...takes 5-8 secs to respond on average.  Pull up guide... absolutely nothing happens for 5-8 secs...same on main DVR as the little boxes.  Only thing that works normala is the regular channel up and down buttons.  Accessing any menu is like your on a 10 year old computer trying to keep up with you.





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