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Slow Set Top Box Responses New Fios Quantum Box

Slow Set Top Box Responses New Fios Quantum Box

Contributor Mbeanx4
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Registered: ‎10-06-2014
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I am having the same slow response, when I start a dr show I timed it to 1 min. Slow response all around in using the guide, skipping forward. I pushed the reset button for 5 sec to reset to no help. It has been over 30, can you switch back.
Contributor Spiff
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Registered: ‎10-06-2014
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Check your coax connections and make sure they are tight. I checked mine and it wasn't tight all the way. Once I did this no more sluggishness.
Contributor LostinDE
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Registered: ‎10-10-2014
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I've had my new Quantum Box for a couple of weeks now, and I have experienced all of the slowdown problems metioned by others: channel cahnge in guide, playback, record button delay, etc.  The only thing I noticed originally was the slight lag in channel changes or Guide movement.  After more use, the delays became longer and intolerable.  I have turned off all the options that I thought might slow things down and checked cable connections.  The only thing that seems to help is to power off, unplug and reboot.  I would not expect that this is what is required on a routine bases to get even "tolerable" response times.


As fo not seeing too many complaints regarding the slowness of the boxes, I think that is probably not too accurate.  I have seen a lot of complaints, and my neighbors are also experiencing the same problems.  It seems that system usage gradually "accumulates" longer response times over a period of time.  My wife is ready to go back to the old box, and I'm about there myself.  I have noticed, however, that in the post history there seems to be mention of several firmware updates.  I don't know if the gradually degrading response time is a fatal flaw of the equipment, or just a "fine tuning" needed in the firmware.  I expect to give it a bit more time, but so far the perfomance of the new box is totally unsatisfactory.  While I'd like the extra recording time and the absence of having to limit my recording to TWO programs at once, if the box is going to maintain this level of delay and frustration in its response times, I'm going to go back to my "old" technology that worked quite well within its perofmance specs.


As far as getting any help from Verizon, I have found the tech support to be virtually non-existant if you can even ever connect with a person.  The online chat has been WRONG in virtually everything I have asked them.  It seems "you lays down your money and you takes your chance" with Verizon.

Contributor Cory1070
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Registered: ‎01-06-2013
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Hello. I'am just posting here to say we are also experiencing all of these sluggish box problems. My wife is about ready to throw the DVR box through the front window. I'am most definately considering leaving FiOS because of this.

Contributor gmilburn
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Registered: ‎01-23-2011
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We've been having the same delay problem on one of our two Fios Quantum DVR boxes.  I've been searching the Internet for a solution, finding nothing that seems to help.  This seems to have started with the latest software update, so we've been hoping Verizon would recognize and fix the problem.  So far, no help.

Contributor steven6330
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Registered: ‎07-03-2011
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Concur. My wife is ready to throw out this Quantum box too. We paid for the new box to be able to record more than 2 shows at once. Now, it takes much longer to start watching a show. AND we just got an error on a recorded show. So no playback. I thought by waiting a couple of months, Vz would have worked out the bugs in this new system. I thought it would be better... Not much of an improvement.

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Registered: ‎06-24-2010
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I know it doesn't help much, but you're not alone. Just check out this forum of frustration: 



Contributor Bigal75
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Registered: ‎10-13-2014
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I have experienced the same delay, so much that I may return the system and go back to my old system. I enter three numbers for a channel and it takes so long that I enter it again.
Contributor uprightguy
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Registered: ‎10-14-2014
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I agree completely just changed to quantum and selecting a recording sets with a blank page for 30 seconds before the movie starts. Set a new recording regardless of time of day, like that should matter, takes 30-60 seconds to respond to any input done on the remote.   I had none of these problems with old boxes.  If I would have known ahead of time I think I would not have moved.  If it does not correct itself soon I think I may move back.  This is the same on all 3 boxes in my house.

Contributor Bvc1228
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Registered: ‎10-15-2014
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No, not everyone experiences this which is what makes it so much worse for those of us who do! I came to these boards because I have the issue the original poster commented about as well as my top randomly turning off while viewing. When in the guide or recording DVR menus it will freeze for minutes at a time, and turn off or resume on some other screen.  While watching tv or DVR or movies, the box will randomly turn off or freeze.   EXTREMELY ANGRY that the upgrade I am paying for for better service is actually worse than the FIOS service I received previously. At least then it randomly gave me these same fits but now, it is at a MINIMUM once per day.  No exaggeration here.  I'm an easy going person when it comes to tech issues so for me to notice and feel put out means it's a big problem. I am going to open a ticket now since I can see there is no ready answer on these boards but I doubt Verizon will be able to fix this any better than the last several times I called. I suspect it's an issue with the hard line somewhere between a Verizon site and my home at this point.  We've had multiple box tops, tests on our internal lines, etc. to no avail and no rational reason for the issues at our location.

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