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Slow box

Copper Contributor jmejiaa
Copper Contributor
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Hi all, I recently got Verizon FIOS and my family is having a hard time getting used to the guide. It is so bloated and seems so slow compared to our cablevision account. Another is getting used to the channel numbers. I'm in IT so I understand that there is a lot going on but **bleep** this thing is pretty slow and it really sucks surfing the guide when it is in the smallest setting. Even If I bring it up it just takes so long.


The search function is awesome but I find it so slolw it's annoying. Are these boxes ever upgraded for better hardware? Am I the only one with this issue??

Copper Contributor jmejiaa
Copper Contributor
Posts: 11
Registered: ‎09-19-2008
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Also when I have a channel selected and it gets big? {please keep your posts courteous} I can barely see what is above it, this thing forces me to look at one at a time.... Anyway it is very frustrating, the only reason I do not switch back to cablesvision is because the internet rocks on verizon.
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Copper Contributor generet
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I'm a recent FIOS TV subscriber and agree response to remote commands is slow compared to Cablevision. If you get frustrated and repeat the remote entry, it will suddenly catch up and respond to 3 commands.  Also, you probably have noticed that there's no "reminder" function, and the Search function leaves alot to be desired. From Search you only see programming in the future so you're out of luck if something started 5 minutes ago that you'd like to join late. Also, you can't go to the channel from the Search function - you're forced to "Record". The up side is the amount of bandwidth on fiber allowing for many more HD channels than their competitors. Also, the video quality is excellent. You will also find that Customer Service has a history of horrendous service. This blog and others are a testament to their poor service. The quality of their field techs is spotty - if you need a service call better hope you get a good one.  I personally am sufficiently happy with the quality and programing availability that I'll stay with them. Although, I'm reminded that Cablevison will take you back in a minute and defray any cancellation costs from Verizon up to $200.00. So if service becomes an issue, I'm GONE.    
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