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So, who has firmware 1.9, permanently?

So, who has firmware 1.9, permanently?

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Wow, de ja vu. I have read this thread before, from the initial question/statement, to the responses that p#ssed people off, the beta-testers, the speculations, guesses and knowledgable responses.. except it was on a DirecTV forum and about 5 years ago..  Smiley Happy


It must be a common thing for us to anticipate the next release, and certain releases seems to be more interesting then others. 1.9 seems to be a release of high interest. I know it is for me. As far as I know of the release, all I want is the ability to fully share content among 3 or 4 DVRs, just like I do now with my DirectTV Tivos. It's what I'm waiting for before I switch to FiOS.


Sorry I took this thread off topic, I just thought it interesting that years and technologies apart, and the question is still asked: Let us know when you get an actual production  version of a particular release of the software.


Because, I want to know, too. I want to know from someone not bound by an NDA if they can share content on all DVRs among all other DVRs in the network (i.e no actual MRDVR)


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Read the comments in the DVR to DVR Idea. Joe Ambeault from Verizon specifically states there will be DVR to DVR sharing in the 1.9 img. He does not mention it by name, but does refer to "multi-way share" I can't say anything specific about testing and what is or is not happening with the beta, BUT there are many nice features in the 1.9 img. That is why there is so much buzz.


I will quote my post in that thread.

"Remember it is two way streaming like one way we have now with DVR to STB. But this will be DVR to DVR. You will not be able to, or required to, copy the entire content from one DVR to the other. Not unless they surprise us all."


It would be nice if you could transfer content between DVRs as a back up measure, or to manage space on the DVRs, but I believe streaming is the best bet. No wait to watch.




Yes many companies operate the same way when developing software and releasing it.


To answer this thread, I would say the Sneak Peek beta testers have 1.9 permanently. Just like Microsoft and other software developers' beta testing, there will probably a final release candidate just prior to the release to non testers. Unlike Microsoft, only the testers will get the release candidate.

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My friend at Verizon just sent me a quick note on the IMG 1.9


They are going to start rolling it out next week. Supposedly, Buffalo NY (and surrounding areas) is going to get is on 3/23/11 and then the national rollout will slowly start shortly after.


A couple of the points that the official rollout is going to contain.


The DVR to DVR communication is going to be possible with the 1.9 but not at the time of the rollout. 1.9 has the ability to do it but it will not be turned on until later


Another option that is going to be available, but just not at the time of rollout, is the ability to program the MRDVR from any other Non-DVR.


Another option again available, but not at time of rollout. Will be the ability to have multiple hub DVRs. Meaning that non-DVR's will be able to view programming from multiple DVRs


The IMG will be in full HD now with the ability to have it set for either 4:3 or 16:9 format at your choice with customizable font size.


3D Capability is going to be included. On any of the 7xxx boxes it will be automatic. On the 6xxx boxes there will be a manual setup available for 3D capable TV's. 2xxx series boxes will not have 3D capability.


He says that there are many other really cool features. He just got done with the training although he has not personally seen it. But we should start seeing it in the not too distant future.


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Your friend seems to be wrong. The beta testers are not done yet. One of the biggest things about 1.9 is the ability to program recordings from other boxes, don't know why he said that wouldn't be part of the original launch, again, he gave false info.

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So...  it's 3/23.  Has anyone in Buffalo seen 1.9 yet?

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I already said that info was incorrect.

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@mcgowman wrote:

So...  it's 3/23.  Has anyone in Buffalo seen 1.9 yet?

It's still beta.  Testers are waiting for what will hopefully be the final release candidate.


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I can confirm that I am in Buffalo and I do not have the 1.9 firmware.

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Come on Verizon!  I'm running out of hard drive space!  We really need the eSata port turned on so I can move shows to an archive.  I realize there are many other features in this img but external drive storage has got to be near the top of the wish list.  Dish Network had this two years ago on USB 2.0 and it worked fine.  eSata will be very fast but it needs to happen soon!


You have two ways to avoid having to deploy DVRs with terabyte hard drives:


1.  Hurry up and add the eSata support

2.  Make entire seasons of tv shows available in the on-demand section. 2 or 3 previous episodes is ridiculous.  You would have more customers come over from the other streaming services if you provided whole seasons.  Then I wouldn't need my Roku box for Amazon / Netflix streaming.


I only have time to watch a  couple shows during the regualr season but there are several more I am interested so I record them to watch later.  I used about 3TB of offline storage space for this when I was with Dish Network. My external drive is already plugged in and waiting for you to deploy the firmware upgrade.


It's win-win for you and us.  Add whole seasons and make current customers happy and get more customers.  I think your shareholders would agree.


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I just heard from my Verizon contacts that there has been a typo. Version 9.1 will have all of these nice features, not 1.9. Shouldn't be too long a wait...

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