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Sometimes shows are scheduled to record then don't

Sometimes shows are scheduled to record then don't

Copper Contributor Punkrulz
Copper Contributor
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Hey guys,


Sorry about the cryptic subject I wanted to keep it short and wasn't sure how I would word it. I've had this problem for awhile now and this has spanned both a QIP7216 and QIP7232 DVR box. I've run into some issues where I have regular recordings that are scheduled to record, then for some reason they just don't. There aren't any conflicts with other shows... everything looked fine and then they just wouldn't record. Today was the best chance I've had to view this in action.


I was watching Southland on TNT (series recording), and that recorded fine. I also scheduled Bostons Finest to record after that. On the scheduled recordings screen, you could see that Bostons Finest was in fact there. When looking at the guide, the series recording indicator was also on Bostons Finest... however the show was not in my DVR, and the recording indicator was not there either. Hitting the record button wouldn't do anything. I did get a few screens that requested I cancel the recording (even though nothing was being recorded). Eventually by going into the info for the program I was able to specify that I want it to record.


This has happened on several different occasions between both of my boxes. I've rebooted the box but I don't know if that will fix it. I believe it happened again Tuesday as there were 3 new Deadliest Catch episodes that were supposed to air. All three were scheduled, however my box only recorded two of them. It did not record the actual season opening of the show.


Has anyone run into this before, and perhaps have an explanation as to what is causing this? Again, this is not because of scheduling conflicts between shows, and the shows are starting at the time the guide says they are.



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Silver Contributor II
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I have seen this happen, but only rarely.


Scenario: You schedule a recording. You see it marked to record either in the Guide view or in the Scheduled Recordings list, but when it comes time to record, it just doesn't. No warnings, no conflicts, plenty of space left on the DVR, but it just doesn't record.


So I tune to the channel and press record. Then it tells me something like I need to cancel a recording if I want to record this program. But one of the programs it wants me to cancel is the one I'm asking it to record. So I play along and tell it to cancel the recording and then I press the record button again. But it just gives me the same request as though it is actually recording.


When this has happened to me in the past, I usually find that while it is shown to be scheduled to record in either the Guide or the Scheduled Recordings list, it is not shown to be scheduled on both. (This is unlike your issue in this way, because you indicated that it did show in both.) It appears to be a very rare software glitch where either the Guide and Scheduled Recordings list do not talk to each other. Or at least, the DVR believes that it is recording the program, but there is no recording taking place.


In troubleshooting the issue, I have gone as far as canceling the recording wherever it is listed (in the Guide, in the Scheduled Recordings list, in the Series Manager). Only when I had completely reassured the DVR that it was not in fact recording the program was I able to hit record and have it actually obey. (Interesting that you say you were able to get it to record by entering its information screen. I'll have to try that.)


More common causes of recording failure:

  1. The drive is full and you have everything protected.
  2. You have the Series Manager set not to record duplicates, the guide mistakenly shows two different episodes as the same and either erases one immediately after recording, or fails to record one.
  3. You have the Series Manager set to only record first-run, and the Guide fails to mark the episode as new.
  4. You have the Series Manager set to only keep X many episodes, so it auto-deleted your oldest recordings.
  5. Your power was out during the scheduled recording time.
  6. The Guide information updated between your scheduling and the recording, and the DVR fails to overcome the differing information and record the show you desire.
  7. You are playing with the remote when a recording is set to begin, and you accidentally cancel the recording without even seeing the pop-up window.

There are probably more scenarios, but these are the ones I've run into myself. However most of these issues would leave a trail of evidence behind, like a notice in the All Activities (History) folder, or a deleted recording in the Recent Deletes folder.


You can always run an STB Auto Correct. Seems to be the only real user-level fix all. Might decrease your issues.


Best of luck.

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Copper Contributor Punkrulz
Copper Contributor
Posts: 12
Registered: ‎08-08-2009
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Thanks for the response.


Unfortunately I don't think my issue falls in between any of the common occurrences for this to happen. I believe it slightly happened again since making the last post. I know I scheduled Psych on USA to record today (4/18) at 11pm EST before I went to bed. I checked my upcoming recordings schedule today and that was not on the list. I rescheduled it and will monitor to see what it records.


I know disk space isn't the issue as I'm only hovering around 10% full if that. I can the STB auto correct last night and that actually caused an issue with Psych recording last night, as that never tried to record at 1am even though that was scheduled. I shall continue to monitor the situation and hope that Verizon has a possible fix for this. Again this happened between an older box and a newer box so the only thing I can think of is that it's IMG 1.9.1.

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