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Sound Cutting In & Out ALL CHANNELS

Sound Cutting In & Out ALL CHANNELS

Contributor ronandkatie1
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I am a new Fios customer after being with Comcast for 15+ years.  I have hooked up my anyroom DVR unti into my home using HDMI cables and the sound is constantly cutting out.  The video is completely fine but audio is messed up.  I have changed the additonal HDMI settings based on previous posts from auto to L-CPMI or whatever it required to no prevail.


Do I need to change to component as I have read or is there a fix for this yet?  I have a ARRIS VMS1100 unit.


Thank you,



Contributor ronandkatie1
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Registered: ‎04-10-2015
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***UPDATE  This is happening ONLY on HD channels, NON HD channels work fine.

Contributor ronandkatie1
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Registered: ‎04-10-2015
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**UPDATE, NM take that back it is on ALL CHANNELS.  Sorry for confusion.

Silver Contributor V Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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Is the HDMI cable hooked directly from the cable box to the TV? Did you try a different cable and or a different HDMI port on the TV?

Contributor Joeyk201
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I have a similar problem as well.

I upgraded to quantum. Went from a 7232 to this VMS1100.

They swap the router to the new slick black one swapped the ONT to a Arris 1000g.

Now when I change channels audio either takes a very long time to come in (10-15seconds) or I get nothing. All channels. If I change channels I usually can get the audio to pass. Messed with the user setting as well. Made no difference.

Box is connected to a brand new integra 40.7 AVR then outputs to a brand new LG OLED tv.

It work fine before the swap.

I am going to call and **bleep** about this a demand either a new box. If this doesn't go away then I want back my old service and different box.

Plus the 1080p setting seems to be bogus and the picture quality to me isn't as good as it was.

I am noticing blocking artifacting on the blacks that I didn't notice before. Crampy compression!
Contributor Joeyk201
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i got got a new box. Problem is still happening. Seems like it's less. I am going to request a 7232 box. 

Contributor Custer1123
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I've been dealing with this issue for 2 years on a vms1100 quantum box. I've gone though all the typical troubleshooting steps more than once. Last night I decided to mess with the audio settings and so far so good. I was not scientific about diagnosing the issue but I can say for the last 24 hours I have not had the audio drop out once.


Here's what I have set up: Menu > settings > a & v > audio.

Audio format: stereo.

Vol control: fixed.

Dynamic range: light.


Fingers X'ed that by posting this the universe doesn't make a fool outta me.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Ok here it goes, broadcast companys movie makers had the goverment pass a law to prevent people from recording movies that were through HDMI and selling them so if you had hdmi cable running to a soundbar or something else then to tv it wont work. Software was installed in all cable boxes to make you connect the hdmi from the box then to the tv which the software communicated with the tv saying it was a tv and nothing else so now you have to connect hdmi from box to tv then optical out from box to soundbar to get 5.1 sound.


I had mine hook up with hdmi to soundbar then hdmi to tv for a year or so then one day it stopped working, grabed another box that doesnt get much use and it work fine for one day then it did the same thing so I had to hook the hdmi from box to tv then optical out from box to soundbar to get it to work and to get 5.1 sound.


All that pass through stuff on the box might work but you wont get 5.1 sound. Do a search on the net about handshake issues with hdmi and you will see what iam talking about. 

Contributor Kaimogood418
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This absolutely fixed the problem!! Thanks

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