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Sound continually cuts out when watching On Demand

Sound continually cuts out when watching On Demand

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I have seen this issue posted several times but never see a solution or reason as to why it is happening.

Whenever we are watching an On Demand program, the sound cuts in and out continually. This isn't an issue with the TV since it happens on ALL TVs in the house. It is annoying and frustrating and has been going on for quite some time. Why? What is the fix? Why isn't anything being done about it? I am not the only one with this issues; there just doesn't seem to be an answer.

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This also happens to my audio and video on just a couple of HD channels, (Comedy and Travel channels). We don't use On Demand, but sounds like similar problems.


When I called Verizon, they said to check my connections and scrape off any corrosion on the center wire of the CoAx connectors (which I did before I called them) - so then they blamed it on my home wiring or splitter in the attic, which of course they charge extra to come out and check, even though they put in the darn splitter - I don't do attics!


Of course, corroded connectors and bad wiring normally do not just affect one or two specific channels out of 150. Both of our problems sound more like the network capacity reaching its limit on just a couple of channel sources (just a wild guess).


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I know it isn't anything to do with our cables or TV. We had this issue prior to Hurricane Sandy. Now that we are back home with all new everything, it is still happening. It is definitely an issue on their end. It is beyond annoying. I never had this issue with Comcast.

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Sounds like the issue that I am having right now, but only on their regular channels. I haven't even checked the HD ones yet.
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