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Split Coax cable between rooms

Split Coax cable between rooms

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I want to add an additional TV in our bedroom.  It will have its own set top box (hd).  I already have four lines running to other rooms (media manager hd dvr, hd box and 2 sd boxes).  What I want to do is split the coax cable going to one of the other sd boxes and run it into the bedroom.  Is this possible?  Does the room have to have its own coax feed from the box outside?  I may still be thinking about satellite and that you couldn't split the cable between boxes.  I'd rather spilt and run the cable to the other room myself than have Verizon do it.



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FiOS is TV is almost the same as any cable system once you are at the coax.  Yes you can split it between the rooms just make sure that the splitter is rated for 1 GHz (or it might be labeled 1000 MHz) as the upper frequency is needed for the IP signals (MoCA) carried on the coax.  ENJOY!

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...and try to keep the total number of splitters between any given STB and the ONT (outside box) to as few as possible as each splitter you go thru costs you about 3.5db of signal (for a two-way splitter -- up to 7db for a four-way) and there's a finite number of times you can split before the signal becomes too weak to reliably deliver the digital content.



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