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Standard STB’s not listing episodes on selected programs

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Standard STB’s not listing episodes on selected programs

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My system has one HD-Dvr (QIP7000), two HD-stb (QIP7100) and two Standard-stb (2500) all of the HD units work without any issues. The two standard units VOD program menus don’t have any program episodes listed. Example select TV shows then any network and select a program then nothing shows in the available episode list. This happened only on the standard boxes. The workaround I discovered is to select the Standard program or movie I want to watch from one of the HD-boxes then stop/exit. Go to the standard box pull the show from my Library and resume watching. Again the resumed show will not show up for selection on my standard boxes but will show up if I select if from a HD-box. Has any experienced this?
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Re: Standard STB’s not listing episodes on selected programs

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I would not look for more work to be performed on the 2500 box software or IMG. The other DVR you mentioned is also an older model. Two servers and two clients would do great for you


I would look for the Quantum TV VMS-1100 Server, and the IPC-1100 clients. They are great. Pause and resume on any TV, all TVs act as DVRs for recording on the server, and the clients at less than half the size of the 2500s http://www.verizon.com/cs/groups/public/documents/adacct/ipc1100_front_view_240x-dime.gif , also you should get all the content and features. I suspect they may support replacements, but I would think the development stream for bug fixes would be done. I may be wrong, and only Verizon could speak on that matter.


Now in regards to a new single VMS-1100, you have six tuners instead of four with two DVRs. Also if you want two VMS-1100 Servers, you would have 12 tuners and two clients for the same configuration. Yes the 2500 STBs will sooner or later have to be phased out in my opinion. They have been in service since about 2005. Many components reach end of life support at 10 years, computers even sooner. This is just my view.


DC, MD, & VA, just went online with the availability on 5/20/14, and I suspect from a good source, all other areas will be available sooner than later. This roll out is going very well now, and they have put much work into the product. Yes if you have the SD boxes, I know they are probably cheaper, but if you go with Once server and three clients, it would probably be close. That is what I am running, and with six tuners I do not anticipate conflicts with schedules because we only watch perhaps two TVs at once and maybe three, then that leaves three for recording. But if you want 12, the option is there, as compared to what is or was out there, in my opinion nothing touches it.. When I received and configured my Quantum TV, I had 22 tuners, 16 on Media Center cable cards, then the new 6 tuner VMS Server. Hey I have some cable cards going back.


Read the good blog, and the comments. I know it does nothing for your current problem, but there are some better options out there, other than two DVRs, unless you need 12 tuners. I spoiled myself with what I had, until I realized it was over kill. Ha! 16 tuners. When I added Quantum, I believe I held the all time record in one home. Oh the HD clients use a Coax for SD.


Here is the link to the hardware support. QIP-7000 is not listed









This is a good blog.






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